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Shopping for an Energy Wand on the Internet?

Here are some Facts you Should Know....

Most people who find us are shopping for an effective Wand, fairly priced.

If this sounds like you, then you are our Typical Customer.

Here are some Wand facts:

  •  Only Amega and Auric have their own exclusive and proprietary technology.
  • All other wands are ‘Nano Wands’
  • All Nano wands are produced in China and are inferior products.                                  worldwide-shipping-banner.jpg
  • There is no machine, which effectively tests Wands.
  • Claims of 'Full Spectrum' is Made up Science (see below)

Auricfield Infusion - Exclusive Technology.

Dr.Yury Kronn, PhD. DSc

Auricfield Infusion is the creation of Dr. Yury Kronn and is exclusive to AURIC Energy Healing Solutions. Dr. Kronn is a quantum Physicist having received his degrees from the prestigious Gorky University in Russia, and also having taught and conducted research at the world renown Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

25 years of Dr. Kronn’s research has led to the creation of the Vital Force tunable generator. This unique technology has the ability to:

  • Identify precise Subtle Energy patterns
  • record, store, amplify and
  • regenerate, or
  • infuse them into reservoir storage mediums such as minerals and crystals.

Dr. Kronn is a world leading scientist in development of practical applications of Subtle Subatomic Energy Science. His tehcnology has been tested and proven effective by research at the University Of California Irvine, and the California Institute for Human Science.

For a more complete biography of Dr. Kronn and his accomplishments, please click here.


Auric vs. Amega.

Only Amega and Auric have their own exclusive and proprietary technology.

Auric Infinity Wand is:


        • Double Infused for superior delivery of Healing Energy.
        • Employs pure hydrothermal quartz for superior energy storage.
        • Delivers specifically formulated Subtle Energy to the bodies bio-energy field.
        • Resonates with the bio-field to create a homeostatic condition to remove energy blockages-fast.
        • Features a unique Infinity design on end cap and wand body unlike any other.

Auric  is the ONLY wand manufacturer which:

        • Names it's Scientist proving it's unique technology.
        • Explains it's technology.
        • Learn more in our How it works section.

 Auric costs 50% less than Amega!

        • Amega Global states that 50% of their price is paid in sales commissions to 7 layers of sales people.
        • Auric sells Internet Direct to save you money! We pay No sales commissions!

The Infinity Wand costs only $179 compared to Amega at $350.  
You save $171
Proven Technology -  Superior 45 day Guarantee -  Infused in the USA


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Nano Wands are the knockoffs of the wand world.

Nano wands are frequently re-Branded (like Iyashi) whith an inflated price to appear authentic

There is no reason to buy a knockoff Nano wand when you can get an authentic Zero Point Energy Wand from Auric Energy Healing solutions. Best of all AURIC products are produced using Superior Technology and are available at the price of knockoff NANO wands.  

How to spot a Nano Wand

  1. Nano wands are frequently re-Branded to make them sound unique. (Examples are Iyashi, EMH, ZPE).
  2. Certificates of Authenticity are meaningless and can be produced for pennies. That is why we don’t bother.
  3. Some sellers put Japanese names on their products in the attempt to differentiate themselves.
  4. Most come in identical ‘jewelry’ boxes with a white satin liner and may be custom branded – this is done in China for less than $1.
  5. Some claim to have their own technology, however they do not explain it nor do they name their scientis
  6. Retired Chiropractors, who claim to have developed their own technology, run two of these companies.
  7. Ionization has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a wand.

Nano Wands Examples:

   The Wands pictured here looked real, cost between $29.95 to more than $199 and were complete duds.

 Full Spectrum = Made up science.

Iyashi Wands claim to have ‘broken the wand code’ (which they don’t explain.) and claim to have a “full spectrum Wand”. This is madeup science! Any ‘Full spectrum’ wand would include every frequency known to man including: radio, microwave, infrared, the visible region we perceive as light, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays, plus sound, radio and micro waves.

It is technically impossible.

Nano Wand re-sellers make up science to try and make you believe they are scientifically unique, when in fact theya re all the same.

A retired Chiropractor claims to have invented Iyashi’s technology, and while we appreciate Chiropractors, they perform a great service – they are not quantum physicists, and the probability one has invented a method of infusing products with Subtle Subatomic Energy is remote, at best!


Auric & Amega are the Only companies with Exclusive and Proprietary Technology






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A few words about TESTING

OUR POLICY is to not present pseudo scientific tests to prove the effectiveness of our products. This is in-line with our Ethics Policy.

  • Legitimate scientific testing of Subtle (Zero Point) Energy in relation to the human body is in its infancy. The ONLY legitimate test currently accepted by research scientists for the efficacy of Subtle Energy treatments on the human body is Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). This process can only be employed under the strictest of laboratory controls as it is affected by the minutest of extraneous factors.
  • Kirlian photography does not demonstrate the efficacy of Subtle Energy Healing tools. In order to create fancy web sites and graphically demonstrate the supposed benefits of their wands, knock off competitors frequently use Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography is not the same as laboratory GDV testing. They are heat maps of the body which can be affected by as little as cup of hot tea.
  • Ionization is NOT a form of subtle energy; Ionization is an electro-magnetic effect. Subtle Energy (Zero Point Energy) is NOT Electro Magnetic energy and therefore cannot be measured by electro –magnetic testing equipment.
  • Vibrascan meters are electro-magnetic and they CANNOT measure the effects of ANY legitimate Subtle Energy Tool! This, again, is made up science by sellers attempting to convince you their products are legitimate.

Testimonial Evidence by users is the most effective proof that a product in this field works. Auric has a 96% customer satisfaction rate. We don't have to make up fake tests. The Human body is the most effective measuring device for subtle energy healing tools.


Energy Supermarkets

  • Internet sites that offer Scalar pendants, wands, EMF Protection, Water filtration etc, etc. are referred to as ‘Energy Supermarkets’.
  • They offer identical products all sourced from China for a .fraction of the selling price
  • These operations are of highly questionable reputation.
  • We have tested wands which contain only sand and Ion powder to generate readings on testing equipment.  
  • Energy Supermarkets cannot name their Scientists nor explain their Science, because they do not exist.

Amega Global and AURIC Energy Healing are the only companies, which have exclusive and proprietary infusion technology. 

Infinity wand end

The Auric Infinity Wand's unique engraved design.

Only AURIC offers a 45 day money back guarantee!

Infinity Wand vs Freedom Wand vs. Iyashi Wand

  • Auric's Infinity Wand is a Premium Quality Energy Healing tool priced at $179.
  • Auric’s Freedom Wands priced at $139 are comparable to the Iyashi Wand priced at $199.
  • The Freedom wand uses a lower quality/blend of minerals and crystals, which hold only a single infusion of subtle energy.
  • Consequently, they take longer to remove blockages and do not work on as wide a variety of health problems.

The Iyashi Wand retails for $199 while the Freedom Wand is only $139!

We produce the Freedom Wand in order to offer the lowest price possible for those on a tight budget. 

Freedom Wands carry a 30 day money back guarantee as do Iyashi and Amega.

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