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Auricfield Infusion Process

The term "Zero Point Energy" as related to humans and animals is an over-simplification of a complex subject of human bio-field and external energy forces. Auric, like the leading scientific thinkers in the field refer to this as "Subtle Energy".
William A Tiller Ph.D.

"Subtle energies can be most simply defined as energies connected to, but distinctly different from, those derived from the four physical forces discussed in the present physics paradigm.

Therefore, subtle energies include emotional, mental and spiritual energies, and it is my belief that they will be the primary focus of all of science in the next century."

William A. Tiller, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
Former Chairman of the Stanford University
Department of Materials Science and Engineering*

Yury Kronn Ph.D.


"Science doesn't yet realize that in fact, the 'substance' of the subatomic world and dark matter are the same. The subatomic world has it's own energy, subtle energy, different in nature than electromagnetic energy, which is the basic energy of the physical world. Of course, it is only a hypothesis, but if this hypothesis is not correct, then my equipment would not work,"

- Dr. Yury Kronn, Ph.D., DSC


How the Auricfield process developed.

Several years ago, we were searching for a scientist with the ability to test the wands that were available in the marketplace; we discovered Dr. Yury Kronn.  Dr. Kronn explained to us that testing for Zero Point, or Subtle Energy is impossible as the technology to do so does not exist! Despite what some of our competitors claim.

When we began the development process with Dr. Kronn his vast knowledge and experience became readily apparent; not only as a World Class quantum physicist, but also his years of investigation into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The combination of Dr. Kronn’s academic pedigree and his study of TCM led rapidly to the combination of energy patterns now incorporated into the Infinity Line of Healing tools and our other products.

The Auricfield Scientist

Dr. Kronn is a Quantum Physicist having received his degrees from the prestigious Gorky University in Russia and having also conducted research at the world renown Lebedev Physics Institute of the  Russian Academy of Sciences.

30 years of Dr. Kronn’s research has led to the creation of the Vital Force tuneable generator. This unique technology has the ability to:

  • Identify precise Subtle Energy patterns
  • record, store, amplify and
  • regenerate, or
  • infuse them into reservoir storage mediums such as minerals and crystals.
A few of his other accomplishments:
  • Dr. Kronn developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with atoms and molecules.
  • He also developed the theory of multi-photon lasers and contributed to the theory of laser-stimulated chemical reactions.
  • In addition, he also created the world's first four-photon tunable laser frequency converter in the infrared range.
  • Dr. Kronn has, since 1988 lived in the USA, and presently resides and works in Oregon.
  • For a more complete biography of Dr. Kronn and his accomplishments, please go to our SCIENTIST

Auricfield Infusion - Exclusive Technology.

What is it and what does it do?

The AuricField Infusion Process is a proprietary combination of subtle energy patterns, specifically designed to enhance healing of the human body. Specifically selected by Dr. Kronn, these patterns remove energy blockages in the human bio-field.

The Process involves three steps, employing Dr. Kronn’s tunable generator, which has the unique ability to:

  1. Record subtle energy patterns from any object.
  2. Store these patterns into an extensive computerized library.
  3. Generate and Infuse specific patterns into our products.

This process creates formulas of subtle energy that are targeted at specific biological functions, whether physiological, psychological, or spiritual.



Records the Energetic
Blueprints of Any

STEP I: Recording

Our scientist records the energy blueprints of any substance. Remember, everything is composed of energy at the sub atomic level. Some of these substances include:

  • Periodic Table Elements like magnesium, lithium, zinc or oxygen, which are the building blocks of all the substances in the physical world.
    This makes it possible to utilize the unique healing properties of the elements while escaping any harmful side effects produced by their chemical makeup. For example Lithium is effective against depression
  • Herbs, Essential Oils, Gems or Minerals. Rare herbs, essential oils and expensive precious stones can be used while keeping the prices affordable. Think star sapphire, kunzite, malachite, arnica, peppermint ,lavender, rose, celandine
  • Energetic signatures of the human acupuncture meridians used in Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Intent of Pranic healers. Remember everything is energy, music is energy in a sound wave, and Pranic healing is energy. The thoughts we create are energy, even our intentions are energy...


Stores These Subtle Energy Patterns...

STEP II: Storage

He then stores these subtle energy patterns and imprints them on a custom-built magnetic tape so they may be reproduced. Dr. Kronn, through years of research, has developed a library of thousands of Subtle Energy patterns.

The easiest way to conceptualize this is to think of a CD or DVD recording.

  • Individual energy patterns, while in storage, can be combined with other frequencies into customize solutions to treat specific conditions.

    Again, think of a sound recording engineer laying down multiple tracks for a music recording.

For instance, our Bliss pattern works on stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, emotional and physical tension and anger.

This is a combination of 37 patterns designed to adjust emotions to a balanced level, helps to remove blockages from the liver meridian and improve the sleep process.


Infuses These Energy Patterns into Other Substances...

STEP III: Infusion

Once these energetic blueprints are combined into effective combinations they are Infused into substances specifically chosen to permanently hold them, without loss of energy.

  • E.g. Crystals, minerals, stones, creams etc.
  • The hydro-thermal quartz crystals in our wands and pendants are reservoirs for these energetic blueprints.

This is like the sound engineer: once he is happy with the musical tracks he has combined, he burns it onto a CD or DVD, which can replay the sound (energy!) over and over and over again.


How Does This Benefit You?

The unique Subtle Energy patterns infused into Auric Products ‘remind’ the body of their natural perfect balance. By doing so they will remove energy blockages, which create pain and dis-ease.

Let’s continue with the CD analogy. If our products were the CD’s you would now be able to play the music recorded on the CD. If it were a soothing calm music (sound waves are energy) this would calm you down, in other words the sound frequencies would meld with your brain waves (energy) to produce a calming effect.

Similarly, the frequencies infused into our Wands and Pendants, interact (vibrate or resonate) with the layers of your body’s Subtle Energy frequencies. They provide the body with the perfect, original energy frequencies to replace the blockages and thus to relieve pain.

There are a variety of methods you can use to 'meld' the Wand’s energy with that of your body, from passive clipping of a wand to your clothing; to full ‘Wanding sessions’ designed to open your bodies energy centers (Chakras), or to focus the wands energies on meridian points through acupressure. Please see our resources section for instructions. All Wands come with a full user guide.





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