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Real Stories from Real People

We believe that Real Stories from Real Peoplepeople like you - is the most honest way to represent our products.

Energy Healing tools can have amazing results, however please be realistic in your expectations. If you have had a health issue for years and years the odds that it will be ‘cured’ in one session is not realistic. One session may improve the condition, or perhaps not. It may take many days and weeks of regular work with the wand to gain significant improvement. We don’t promise miracles.

Here you will find a variety of stories from pain relief, to how we compare to Amega products, to how we look after our customers.

 I am so glad that this kind of technology is available today…….  

My name is Dave Mason and I purchased an Infinity wand more than a year ago. I primarily used it to keep my chakras balanced and to work on pain if the need arose. I was extremely happy with the way the wand responded to me when I used it. Four and a half months ago I severely injured my back. I have been a Steamfitter for 34 years and am no stranger to injury and pain but this was something else entirely! I couldn’t get up off of the floor and so they had to give me morphine in the ambulance just to get to the hospital! An MRI scan concluded that I ruptured the disc between L-3 and L-4 vertebras. I also tore the disc Between L-4 and L-5 vertebras. The nerve L-3 was severely impinged and my left leg for the most part wouldn’t work. The muscles in my thigh and calf had a deep numbness as well as a deep throbbing ach at the same time. The skin on my calf burned like fire and couldn’t be touched even by a sheet. I spent the first two weeks flat on my back and used the wand as much as practical. After those two weeks I began walking with a cane and was seeing some improvement. At four weeks I could walk without a cane and was feeling a little strength returning. At five weeks the pain in my calf went away. It has been four and a half months now and I am pain free. The muscles in my thigh are numb, week, and atrophied, but I have no pain. I have used my infinity wand every day and believe that manipulating the energy around the injury site as well as the body as a whole helps with the healing process as well as with the experience of pain. I am so glad that this kind of technology is available today…….                                   

Dave Mason

Dana Point                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             California


"My body is readjusting to better health"

Hi, Amrita, thank-you for taking time to have that great conversation with me. The 2 products arrived, the pendent is working great, I have a feeling of clarity and calmness, also pains in certain areas in my body from working hard at the job, have calm down, 75% less pain. My body is readjusting to better health.

Jane Neumann
Kamloops Canada

"It is helping me with everything I do"

I have suffered from shoulder pain for years. I put on the pendant as soon as I received it and wear it all the time. The first night I tried using just the wand and I slept better. The second night I used the pendant and the wand, I woke refreshed with little pain. The next night I tried just the pendant, didn’t get as much sleep, and woke up in pain. I use both at night all the time now. And I'm feeling like it is helping me with everything I do. Can't wait to see how much it helps my daughter.

Lynda Muhlestein
Pleasant View UT
United Statesview-products.png

Broken Bones

I am in my 70th year & I slipped down on the ice on Christmas Eve and hurt my wrist. I was in a lot of pain, & started wanding my wrist straight away which was already very swollen. I did this on & off all day & by evening it had gone down quite a bit and I was virtually pain free. I wanded it on & off for the next few days & it kept me pain free, I only had pain when I turned my hand over or lifted anything heavy. On the 9th day it started to itch & I was getting a burning sensation so on the 12th day I got it X-rayed.

The nurse & doctor didn't seem to believe me when told them I did it on Christmas Eve and they asked if I had damaged it sometime in the past which I hadn't. I showed them the wand & told how it worked, they looked amazed. The doctor had me do various exercises and squeezing her finger. She then asked where I thought it was broken, I pointed to the spot & she said I was spot on. She gave me a splint to wear. I wore it for 2 days only. On the 20th day my wrist was in A one condition

Pauline Powner Eyemouth UKworld-wide-shipping.jpg

No Pain!

A good friend introduced me to the Wand. At first I was a little skeptical about this but she is a qualified nutritionist and is up on all the top products and equipment so I brought one on line and have never looked back. To use it successfully you do have to think of it as a first response to pain. I recently had a filling in my tooth and the dentist said that it was a deep filing so would take a while to settle down.

Well a month later it was not happy and one night it woke me as it was so painful. I sleep with my wand beside me so reached out and wanded the tooth area. Not sure what happen as I fell asleep and found the wand in bed with me. No pain. I continued this for a few nights as it troubled me but its all sorted. If I didn’t have the wand I would have had to resort to pain killer medication and I don't use these drugs.

My husband had an injury to his knee and as a result has pain every so often so out comes the wand to balance things.

Julia Cumming
Featherston, New Zealand

"My doctors, dentists and chiropractors are amazed!"

My name is Mark Jones - I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 18 (32 years ago) and have lived with pain all these years…not knowing what normal feels like.

Last month I ordered three of your wands, desperate for any relief of my pain. I started wanding my body, my eyes, my teeth and gums, my feet, my chakras, my food, my water, my clothes…even my toothpaste and deodorant. I sleep with one wand under my pillow, another in my sock and one in my bed.

Here’s what I’ve experienced:

  • My asthma attacks, which would keep me up half the night requiring an atomizer, have completely STOPPED.
  • I have no more shortness of breath.
  • As a diabetic, my feet would hurt and tingle every time I ate anything with even a hint of sugar. After wanding my feet daily…the tingling has stopped.
  • I can now eat painlessly
    I wasn’t able to chew my food due to the aching in my teeth and gums…I don’t remember a time when I could eat without pain. I would move the food around in my mouth looking for the least sore spot. After wanding my mouth, my water, my food and my toothpaste…the aching has gone away..
  • The wanding around my eyes has reduced the frequency and length to 5 mins. My eyes would water constantly…they would get so red and watery that for 15mins at a time I couldn’t see. My hearing started going three years ago…I would turn the volume up to full on the TV and radio and could barely hear someone on the phone. It is now 100%.
  • 95% of my pain is GONE! Before I started wanding I would say my pain level was a 12. Intense, excruciating pain all over my body. I would wake up in pain and sleep in pain…pain was my constant companion. It is now a 2... This product is tremendous. My doctors, dentists and chiropractors are amazed!

I feel so good that I am starting to work out and lift weights. I wanded my biceps, my triceps and my hands and was able to do curls and bench press…for the first time in my life.    I want to help others with MS so please publish my phone number and email address so that I may give them hope and share my experience. I don’t know why the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation hasn’t told people about this energy tool. I now look forward to every day and can have dreams and hopes again. I might even get on a plane and visit you folks in Vancouver.

Thank you for this amazing product...

Mark Anthony Jones
Detroit, Michigan

"It is the greatest tool for healing"

I was having terrible problems with my shoulder. Unable to do anything without tremendous pain, which stopped me from getting any good sleep. I had tried everything, and had been down the path of Cortisone injections.

After my first wanding I noticed that the pain was subsiding, and I got a good night’s sleep which was so wonderful! The second time I Wanded my shoulder I could not believe the difference. I bought my own wand, and have used it on other trouble spots.

I was able to do things with my arm again, and hang out the washing without pain. I now sleep well, and still am amazed what this little wand can do.

I was having terrible problems with my shoulder. I had tried everything, and had been down the path of Cortisone guided injections over the years. Unable to do anything without tremendous pain, which stopped me from getting any good sleep, my hairdresser suggested she had been using the "Wand" and said she would try it on me.

After going to her, I noticed that the pain was subsiding, and I got a night’s sleep, which was so wonderful. I went back and she used the wand on my shoulder again, and I could not believe the difference. I bought my own wand, and have used it on other trouble spots.

I was able to do things with my arm again, and hang out the washing without pain. I now sleep well, and still am amazed what this little wand can do.

I have been using my wand for almost a month now. I find that I don't have to have chiropractic adjustments, and/or other healing help. When I feel pain or tight muscles or tension of any kind, I use the wand as instructed and am immediately relieved. In my experience, it is the greatest tool for healing I know about. I can use it and move on to whatever I am doing and feel wonderful and pain, tension free and most important a clear mind. Thanks for bringing it to me.

Wanda Binats

I agree with the testimonials that say "it's the only one for me". 

Posted by Devra Robitaille Heichert on 30th Jan 2013

Hi Amrita:

I just wanted to let you know that my Infinity wand is absolutely gorgeous, a work of art. I feel the energy so strongly and have used it in many healings on both people and pets. I have such respect for your company and how you operate, and I think the World of Dr. Kronn. Please forgive me being a little forward in saying this, but he is the spitting image of my dear Father whose family came from Russia. I showed my daughter the video you have posted on the website, and she exclaimed "O my goodness that's Grandad!". It was a little bitter-sweet as she has only seen photographs of him. I'm telling you this because I was so confused when I decided I wanted a wand by all the "Bla bla bla" on the internet; so I meditated on it, and was lead to you website, where I watched your delightful inventor being interviewed. :) I then immediately ordered my Inifity and I agree with the testimonials that say "it's the only one for me".

Now I am about to order a second wand through your web site. 

So I hope you will pick me out a lovely companion for 11449 :) :)

warmest regards

Devra Robitaille Heichert
Osprey Florida

"This is the best miracle I have found."

I was having terrible pain in the top of my left foot that made walking after being on my feet for a while very painful. I only had to WAND my foot once & the pain was gone. Now if I feel it getting sore I WAND it right away & the pain is gone before it really gets started. This is the best miracle I have found in years. Don't be afraid of the unknown--- believe & it works or if you don't believe it will still work. I love to work on people that say it won't work but find that it does.

I wish you all the success that this will bring.

Doreen Shmyr
Regina SK Canada

"I use the wand whenever I have a pain anywhere"

I use the wand whenever I have a pain anywhere. It just soothes it and it goes away. Always have the wand in bed and I do not get up stiff and sore in the morning.

Rita Thibault
Prince George

"It's like a Rolls Royce compared to the one I had used before."


My name is Frank Francis and I bought a Pendant and Wand a few months ago and have been meaning to write you on my thoughts regarding these products.

With the Pendant which I have been wearing ever since, I noticed a raise in energy the second day. It was sufficient to convince me of the Pendant's viability to the point where I intend to keep wearing it.

I also used it as a Pendulum, and it's like a Rolls Royce compared to the one I had used before.

The Wand?

Now this excites me! I had been playing around with it as per your instructions and used it to increase the rotation of my Chakras, but when I used it to perform Acupressure on a "Ding" to one of my Thumb Joints, the result was amazing!

The tip of the Wand went right down to the Joint and delivered hard, strong energy directly to the spot.

The end result was way better than I had anticipated. I'm convinced and I believe in the hands of a Healer the Wand will just about work Miracles. I am happy to see you now have this newsletter and link set up as I am also interested in hearing testimonies from others.

Thank You.
Frank Francis
San Jose, Costa Ricaview-products.pngworld-wide-shipping.jpg

"I am now free of pain."

I have suffered with very painful Arthritis in most of my joints for many years and I had also just been diagnosed with glaucoma and had very high pressure in my eyes which was effecting my sight, my vision was constantly blurry which was very worrying.

As soon as I received my Infinity wand I clipped it onto the front of my work tunic and slept each night with it under my pillow. I followed the instructions that came with the wand and after a few days I noticed my pains were not as severe and I could walk up and down stairs more easily.

My sight was a little better and I felt more balanced I started wanding my regular Reiki Clients who also noticed a difference in the energy being channeled. I am still wearing my wand and feel wonderful, as I am now free of pain.

Valerie Murrell
United Kingdom



When I first got the wand I was skeptic, but thought we should give it a go.

It favored my wife best as I had bought it for her ailments. when used she would tell me of the tingling and I could feel the heat coming back from her, time passes and then one night while sitting at our computers she said to me the back of her hand ached. She does suffer from high blood pressure and the veins on the back of her hand were standing out. I went and fetched the wand, starting at the back of the hand in small and large circles slowly working up the arm to the shoulder and across the chest around the heart and back the same route to the hand, this I did 2 or 3 times, IN FRONT OF OUR VERY EYES . the veins in her hand went down, well, we were gob-smacked, astounded amazed. You can't get it any better than that. we actually watched it happen. The wand is helping us regain our life's we are getting better and better and better.

Brian Maxfield
United Kingdom

Spectacular results

My name is Frank. I've been using the Wand for several months now and while at first I was skeptical I now appreciate the rare power of the Wand and its ability to stimulate well-being in one’s body.

My dear wife has dropped foot syndrome which has made walking and balance very difficult for her. Regular use of the Wand has had spectacular results. She is now able to drive again and is walking with new confidence. Thanks to Free The Wand our lives together have changed for the better.

Frank Cox,
Dorset United Kingdom

"…it shouldn't work, but it does!"

OK. I was a non-believer - it sounds too much like voodoo. I bought the wand - I figured it couldn't hurt. I have had neck pain and nerve issues in my right arm for a while. Nothing helped--physical therapy, chiropractor (who hurt me)and I take over the counter pain relievers all the time. I used the wand on my neck and shoulder for 5 minutes. About an hour later, I noticed I had some relief, but thought it was the power of suggestion. However, I felt better all day. The next day I wanded again. I got a little more relief. This is day three and the tingling in my arm has stopped and the discomfort in my neck is down by about half. I laugh when I think about this because it shouldn't work, but it does.

Wayne Zanardelli
Bethel Park, PA
United States

"This is fantastic!"

I have used the wand successfully on my daughter who has a chronic recurring inflammation in her eyes. When I use the wand on her, the redness in her eyes would dramatically decrease and the pain is almost gone in no time. This is fantastic. Thank you


"I am now pain free!"

I have had chronic low back pain for years and am now pain free and don't even use the wand every day any more. Also helps with insomnia. Thank you sooo much.

Patricia Kingview-products.png

"It has definitely improved my health"

I purchased my Infinity Wand after someone did a healing on my leg after a really strong flare up of my arthritis.

I have been using it every day since and that is about one year ago. I sleep with it under my pillow every night and if I wake up with pain, I take it in my hands and massage the area that is painful and in no time, it heals and I can go back to sleep.

I use it on every single drop of water that I drink or use. I find that the taste is quite improved and my vegetables stay a nice color and taste better.

It has now become a part of me, as it never leaves my body at any time. I have had a wonderful year during the last 12 months compared to the year before that.

I would not be as bold as to say that it is completely because of the wand as I have done a few other changes in my diet and overall physical care but I can honestly say that it has definitely improved my health in reducing my pain and increasing my energy.

I would recommend anyone who is dealing with chronic pain or disease to get on and experiment with it and to see how it can help them.

All My Relations,

Surrey, Canada

"The wand pays itself very quickly."

I love the wand. My 13 year old daughter pulled a muscle while playing junior high basketball. She also had a bruise on her knee. As I wanded the bruise, we could see the dark color of the bruise lighten up.

My daughter also said she could feel the wand and wondered how it was doing that, and it felt very good. I also wanded her sore calf muscle, but didn't wand it very long. She felt better when she was walking, but the next morning the muscle was tight again. This time, I wanded her calf for at least 15 minutes. She said it felt better, and the muscle was not sore anymore, and felt good as new again.

The wand pays itself very quickly. I am glad that I bought the wand and the pendant for my mother. What a wonderful gift. I don't know how to explain it to people, other than to tell them that it has worked for us!

Rebecca Ellis
Brevard, New York
United States

"I am grateful for these tools"

I recently started wearing the infinity pendant, and am very pleased with the results. I notice an increase in energy when I wear it, along with clearer thinking. Wearing the pendant allows me to work on the computer without feeling an energy drain.

I have shingles, and recently felt an outbreak coming on. I wore the pendant to bed, plus placed the wand under the covers, pointing at the affected area. In the morning, I was delighted to discover that the outbreak only resulted in one tiny red dot, instead of several painful shingle blisters. In two more days, the dot was healed over completely.

I am grateful for these tools, and look forward to sharing them with others.

Mariah Hunter
Victoria, BC                                                                                                            view-products.png

"…a much more comfortable life..."

I was first made aware of the wand at a holistic fair. I went there with my partner and his daughter. She had had a stroke almost three years ago and instead of paralysis, it left her with a spasticity of muscles. Her left hand trembled uncontrollably and she had very limited fine dexterity with motor control of that hand. She also had a foot thump that she has had for most of her life, but was much more pronounced since the stroke. All of this seems to have normalized and gone.

At the fair she was wanded for about 5 minutes while someone did a reading on her and at the end of that time her wrist and hand had completely relaxed. The foot and leg stopped all motion that was not done intentionally. It was the first time since Feb. of 2008 that her hand and leg were at rest. Even in sleep they trembled and jumped around. We bought 3 wands right away and have been using them in the family ever since. However, friends kept wanting us to wand all of them so we purchased another 3 wands. As you can imagine we are still in need of more wands.

My stepdaughter now has much more control of her hand, fewer headaches, less muscle spasms and a much more comfortable life.

Thank you for all you do for all of us.

Sincerely yours,
Howard McKim
Bethlehem, PA

"With love from Germany"

The first day I had the wand, my friend visited me and told me, that she has trouble togo up the stairs because of the pain in her knee. I "wanded" it and then she went upstairs and told me – it’s much better.

Now she has ordered the wand for herself. One lady had "Ischias" (sciatica) that was very much better after wanding.

I gave the wand to another friend - she had pain in her ears. She wanded and it was gone afterwards. She ordered two (wands) for herself and friends.

With love from Germany,
Rose Harle

"What a difference!" compared to Amega

A dear friend of mine became an Amega distributor and I bought one [wand] through her in March. It took another month to receive the wand from Singapore.

My friend and I saw no results after three weeks of using the AmWand. We called the company about an exchange, which required half a dozen calls to their Los Angeles office. We were told we would need a "Return Authorization" number in order to exchange the wand. That took over two months to arrive from the company's main office. We then waited another month to receive the replacement wand.

In September, I decided to purchase an additional wand from Free The Wand ( our former name). I purchased it for half the price of the Amega Wand. The wand was shipped the same day as the order. It was in customs in San Francisco the next day. It was in my mail box a few days later. The company followed up with several phone calls to insure my satisfaction.

What a difference!
Mr. C Wise, Sacramento,
California USA



I suffer from swollen joints in my fingers and severe headaches that sometimes continue for days. Medication does not work once they gather momentum. I can now zap the headaches when they start and the excruciating pain that had started in my right toe (which had started to swell) has totally disappeared. Also my fingers are a lot more flexible. Wonderful!

Carole Sanchez

"I felt so wonderful after each session."

Hi, my name is Darlene and I have a friend that has The Wand. She comes to my house 2 times a week. I cannot explain how much better I feel when she's finished and how long it lasts. The Most Incredible part is when she is using the Wand where I feel it's pull and just the overall relief from her knowledge and how to use it properly. I was afraid at first because I have tried acupuncture and never had this kind of relief.

The first time she did it, she commented on how much the Wand would actually pull itself to the trouble areas. Not to mention how I could feel my muscles, tendons and even what feels like inner bone react to treatment.

I felt so wonderful after each session. I would definitely recommend this Wonderful Product !!!!

Thank You

"..feeling centered..."

I have noticed a difference in my well-being, feeling centered, and calm when I use the wand on a regular basis to clear my chakras. I have not tried your pendent but will be getting it next, so I have it on my body all the time, keeping me calm,yet energized!

Gillian Needsworld-wide-shipping.jpg

Saltspring Island

"All in all, it was the most amazing experience."

A friend of mine had purposefully closed herself down to numb the pain during a family crisis. Now that all has settled down, she has been unable to open herself up again, her chakras remaining closed.

While over visiting, we started talking about my purchase of the Freedom Wand. I asked if she would be interested in letting me wand her. You need to know that this person is an extremely hyper personality and sitting still/laying down is not something she's very good at or willing to do. But, she agreed to lie comfortably on the floor and accept the wanding, Crystal Journey music on the stereo to relax to.

I flicked her fingers & toes at the beginning with her telling me that her toes are very sensitive. During this whole time, she had her eyes closed and we spoke very little.

Knowing her difficulty of not being grounded, I spent a lot of time on her root chakra, giving it more attention than the other chakras. Once all chakras were addressed, my instincts took me to her left hand/wrist area, then to her right side and the abdominal/pelvic area.

About half-way through this wanding session, I could see her breathing change to a relaxed state and she was smiling.

Afterwards, we shared our experience. She said she felt that 'stuff' was oozing through her fingers; she felt warmth at her left wrist and a pull of 'stuff' being extracted from her wrist, not uncomfortable, just odd.

For the record, she is waiting to get in for surgery for carpal tunnel on her left wrist. I knew she had trouble with her wrist, but did not know which one. I also knew she has diabetes but not knowing my anatomy very well, did not know that the pancreas is on the right side, where my instincts were drawing me to.

My friend then asked if I put something over her toes to which I had not. While I was wanding her, going down her side, my instincts told me to direct the negative energy through her fingers that her toes are closed off. Not wanting to touch her sensitive toes again to open them and disturb her calmness, I directed the negative energy through her fingers instead. She said she felt her toes were blocked off from the rest of her body. How amazing that we got that same message!

She asked me if I spent a lot of time on her lower, pelvic area to which I had. She said it was such a warm, wonderful feeling. That, I am sure, would be her root chakra finally opening.

She felt rather light-headed afterwards and highly invigorated. From her breathing, I would think that she went into a light meditative state which she has been unable to attain for quite some time.

All in all, it was the most amazing experience. The fact that we could both feel that her toes were blocked, that she could feel warmth when I worked on her root chakra and left wrist, that I was directed to these areas to begin with ... it's just all a miracle and positive experience.

bless you!
With sincerity,
Karen MacEwan–
Saskatchewan, Canada

"There is no doubt in my mind that the mysterious properties of the "wand" actually work."

Ross was given a wand by a friend of ours and was provided with no knowledge of what it was or explanation of how it was supposed to work. This is his unsolicited testimonial...

I want to express my amazement of the results of wearing " the wand " loaned to me by our friend Erica, she noticed I had a pronounced limp in my right leg....She got this funny smile on her face, and said "wait here a minute, there's something I'd like you to try".....

She brought me a silver coloured item that looked like a pen, and told me to keep it in my right-side pocket of my trousers or shorts for a day or so, and report back to her " if I noticed anything different".....

I put it into my pocket for a day or so, and suddenly realized that I had more strength in my right thigh,.... I could bear more weight on my right leg... and my limp was less pronounced than it has been for about a year!!

I fell on ice about a year ago, aggravating the arthritis diagnosed by our doctor, and pinching the nerve that runs down the inside of my thigh, resulting in some atrophy of my thigh muscles....

An Orthopedic Surgeon recommended a hip replacement, but he could not guarantee I'd walk any better after surgery. Our Chiropractor is able to relieve the pain for a short period of time..and I have also visited a Physiotherapist, with, mixed results...

After a few days wearing the device, my wife has noticed that my walk has improved, and that I'm not in as much dis-comfort as before.......

I have no rational explanation for this remarkable ease of my difficulties than to believe it was a result of the mysterious properties of the metallic "pen "

There is no doubt in my mind that the mysterious properties of the "wand" actually work.

This testimonial was un-solicited, and a true account of my wearing the item for about a week. I have given Amrita permission to share my experience with whomever she chooses.

Ross Martin
White Rock, BC, Canada

"WOW it is powerful!"

My WAND arrived, WOW it is powerful! Just cleansed it using a Tibetan Bowl and chimes then ran it under water focusing on a cleansing water fall. I wish to thank you both, and Ron in particular, please let me know how I can be assistance to you in sharing this wonderful blessings to humanity including any videos you'd like included in the Peace Day Broadcast.

In Peace & Appreciation,

"I like your wand much better than Amega"

As a Reiki master and energy professional, I was very interested in zero point energy and tried your wand first, because the lower cost would allow me to check it out. I loved it, experienced having the knees of a 10-year old myself (after years of knee stiffness and pain), and helped people with everything from fibromyalgia to chronic neck pain, with great results. My bunions even have softened. Anyway, I then purchased the higher priced wand (Amega), thinking it would be even better, because of the higher price. However, no matter how I tried, It did not live up to your results. In my experience and that of others, I used it with; the result was just not as good. It's not as strong; it doesn't take away pain like your wand. I even had someone return one of the "other" wands to me! So, I am very surprised, but my experience can't be denied.

I will continue to order and share your wand, not the competitions. I can help three people for the price of one and most importantly, it works! I have been having good results with migraine headaches, too, with the wand stopping them before they get started.

Thank you for your great, affordable product. And I hope you expand to pendants soon, too.

Lian Sawires

'Reiki Master'
Bensalem, PA, United States

"I just cannot express how great it is to be dealing with you all."

Hello Amrita,

Wow what a lovely surprise. I just cannot express how great it is to be dealing with you all. Thank you again for your wonderful help with all of this. I am hoping to convert many people to your wands over here.

Best wishes and thank you again.

Christine Cross

"The wand enhanced the life energy in this vegetable"

Thought this may be of interest. I attached a bio-energy meter to a fresh zucchini. The reading leveled off at 60.4. I then passed the wand in a downward circular motion over it two times, about 15 seconds each. The reading on the meter jumped up to 62.6 and stayed there. That would show that your wand enhanced the life energy in this vegetable. I will do some other tests but wanted to share this first.

Thanks again for your help.

Eliot Cameron
Hell’s Kitchen, New York

"I've had amazing results!"

I received my wand from you last Monday and have had amazing results! However, my son (45) had a heart procedure 2 months ago to correct a heart arrhythmia he's had. It worked for a while but now it's back and for the last 10 days it's been occurring daily. Yesterday, I wanded him spending more time in the heart area. Today he told me since his wanding he's not had any arrhythmia. He's normally a skeptic but is now a complete believer!

Thank you,

Georgia Branco
Sun City California

"I know it is the best money I have ever spent"

I just thought I would let you know what we thought of the wand.

I first heard about the wand through my sister in law who has terminal cancer. She was invited to a wanding through a friend they were going to be wanding a lame horse; many people with wands were going to be there. They were also of course, doing the multi level marketing of this wand and were selling them for $400.00.

After the event, she said she felt a bit better and was surprised at the results. She of course could not afford to purchase one of these wands so I found “Free the Wand” on the internet. I was skeptical… I was not sure it would have the same energy that the more expensive wand did, so I decided to purchase one for my sister-in-law but first I was going to try it out myself. I have degenerative disc disease and have chronic pain in my neck and back. When I received the wand I tried it out on my neck and back...

I was amazed at the results. I would come home from work and could barely move my head from side to side. I would just clip the wand to the inside of my shirt on my back and within a short period of time I was relieved of my pain… of course I was still not convinced so I took the wand to work to try it out on people at work.

I tried it out on a woman with chronic shoulder pain and an irritating throat clearing I told her to wand her shoulder which she did for about 10 minutes then I told her to just clip it to the inside of her shirt. About ½ hour later she was no longer making that annoying noise and had more mobility in her arm and shoulder… she called it the miracle wand. She said when she went home she did not have to take medication for her pain… each day for a week she used the wand while at work on the Friday she decided she would see how she did without the wand… by 11 a.m. she was asking if I had brought it to work.

She wore it the rest of the day. That weekend I gave the wand to my sister-in-law sure it would give her some relief… it has been a saving grace for her. She wears it every day and is very protective of it. She feels she has less pain in her arms and has regained feeling in her leg, unfortunately the wand will not cure her cancer but it was the best money I have ever spent to help her through this terrible time and we are the biggest supporters of the wand.

We have also tried the lemon wanding… we love to try it out on people who doubt it.

There are also some strength tests we have done and people are amazed at how much stronger they are with the wand in hand. I have recommended the wand to a friend how has fibromyalgia and hope she will get a wand she wont be sorry.

I know it is the best money I have ever spent and I have given her a bit of relief from her pain… thank you!

The best part of the whole thing is your money back guarantee and of course how quickly I received the wand. I ordered it on a Sunday and had it in my hand on the Tuesday.

Thanks again
Barb Szumilak
Langley, BC, Canadaview-products.png

"After one massage with the Wand, the next morning, I didn't feel the pain anymore"

My body has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 5 years or so. From July 2009 to January 2010, I was in an acute crisis with tremendous pain day and night, especially nights. I finally came out of the crisis in January but I was left with some stiffness and great pain in my calf muscle that was not letting go. After one massage with the Freedom Wand, the next morning, I didn't feel the pain anymore and it hasn't come back and that was 3 months ago.

I carry it on me all day for the added benefits and I sleep on it every night and I have painless nights since then. I would not do without it now that I have discovered Zero Point Energy. I have recommended to friends and will continue to share that benefit.

Thank you for making it available in at a decent price.

All My Relations
Surrey, BC, Canada

"Her shoulders and spine ached; I used the wand on her shoulders first and the pain was GONE. She couldn't believe it!"

I want to share my story as to the wand experiences.

My first experience was I went to the health food store in our town knowing I had a gall bladder attach the night before, lots of pain so I was going to do some home remedies. Just as I was going in to the health food store 2 ladies doing demos on your aches and pain asked me to sit down and explain my problem, so I did. As she started wanding over my gall bladder I felt as if I was going to vomit, so she gave me a glass of water that has just been wanded, WELL that just calmed me right down. I said I seriously need one off these! I went on to clean my gallbladder and bought a wand to help with other aches and pains.

Now that I got my own wand, my neighbor comes over and we walk together. She was stiff from working all day at the computer; her shoulders and spine ached; I used the wand on her shoulders first and the pain was GONE. She could not believe it! Then I gone over her spine she said this has to be a trick! She says I always feel so darn stiff not even stretching helps. The pain is gone! So when we returned from our walk I gave her a drink of wanded water. As I stirred it counterclockwise, for a few sec, she couldn't believe the taste, then we decided later to have a glass of wine did the same stirred it counterclockwise as from a young wine that I make tasted like a very expensive wine. I have lots of little stories like this just found out through using the wand. I know it frees up blocked energy! Boy! do you ever feel good after the blocked energy is gone. Thank you!

Invermere, BC, Canada

"Injured tennis player wins his match"

I was sitting on a train with a friend who was suffering of a sore muscle complaining that he could not play tennis and had to cancel an upcoming match.

I took the wand out of my bag and asked him if he minded my waving it around his sore spot - he was too polite to say "no" & lamely agreed. After a short while with a puzzled look, he told me that he could feel a worsening of the pain, heat & a lot of activity in the spot.....we continued working on the area and repeated the treatment once more, in the evening.

He phoned me 2 days later to thank me and tell me that he had been able to play his match and WIN!

Carla UK

"It is a must to at least give it a try!"

Good Morning,

My husband who has a bad back at the best of times, was working outdoors, bending over and stretching, leaving his lower back bare to the elements (-1 celcius). Although he knows better, he gets working so hard that he forgets to look after himself.

Last night he was stiff & sore, lower back aching and all over discomfort. I suggested that he clip the wand to back of his pant's waistband; he did. About two hours later, he stood up and handed the wand back to me. When I asked him if the wand had helped, he smiled and said, "Sure did!" and was moving around without the discomfort in his lower back.

I offered it to him to sleep with in his pillowcase but he declined. He had a very broken sleep and was very tired this morning. He got up to let the dogs out, announcing he was going back to bed. This time I sent the wand with him. He slept for 2 more hours and said he felt much more rested.

For everyone out there that has a wand, I cannot stress enough how strong the power of the wand is to help you with pain and sleep. It is a must to at least give it a try!



Karen and Glen
Saskatoon, Canada

"Within minutes, she had more flexibility"

My mother is 86 years old & has Parkinson’s - as a result she has much stiffness throughout her body – particularly in her arms at shoulder level don't move very high & she experiences pain when she attempts to move them enough to even lift a glass of water.

I used my wand on her the first week I received it. Within minutes, she had more flexibility to move her arm higher without pain- even she was surprised - so I have continued to use it weekly on my Mom to help give her more flexibility.

I recently started wearing the infinity pendant, and am very pleased with the results. I notice an increase in energy when I wear it, along with clearer thinking. Wearing the pendant allows me to work on the computer without feeling an energy drain.

I have shingles, and recently felt an outbreak coming on. I wore the pendant to bed, plus placed the wand under the covers, pointing at the affected area. In the morning I was delighted to discover that the outbreak only resulted in one tiny red dot, instead of several painful shingle blisters. In two more days the dot was healed over completely.

I am grateful for these tools, and look forward to sharing them with others.

Mariah Hunter
Victoria, Canada


"The wand works instantly on my dog"

Working with the wand daily I find that I am meditating without realizing it. I have more energy. I had a back discomfort, which is corrected with the wand. I have worked on others with good success. Occasionally my dog has abdominal discomfort. The wand works instantly .

Shirley Swertz
Victoria, Canada

"Your products credibility has helped mine"

I have many stories because I cannot keep a good thing to myself...my best story is about someone who has never gone along with any of my health suggests just to be nice, If you know what I mean!! My mother-in -law has very poor sleep patterns waking at 3-4 am each day. during a visit last year she complained about pain and stiffness once in bed and being unable to turn.

Firmly I told her to let me wand her and to sleep with the wand under her pillow. Not expecting much of a response because of her natural skepticism, I was surprised when greeted in the morning with an incredible report of how well she slept and feeling a difference in her level of pain. Since then she has been wanding everyday and continues to sleep with the wand, obviously having continued good results, and in-fact she even gave a wand to a friend and tells others about her story. Thank you for direct and in-direct benefits...your products credibility has helped mine!!!...

Taruna Patel

Even Pets Love the Wand

My 9 1/2 year old English Mastiff 'Toby' was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma at the beginning of April 2010. In canines, bone cancer is terminal and by the time it's diagnosed (by being seen on an X-ray), it has spread to other parts of the body in 95% of all cases. My gentle giant was given 3-6 months max to live. I used the Wand in my daily Reiki sessions along with herbal cancer fighting and immune boosting supplements. By June, Toby stopped limping and started to put full weight on his front left leg (which was badly "swollen" at the wrist joint by the growth of the cancer), all without the need for any pain medication. My vet was amazed that he was still alive and going for daily walks when October 2010 arrived. Toby lived a little over 4 months past his "expiration" date (he passed over on Jan 10, 2011 after the bone in his leg fractured). I attribute his extended life and pain free limb to the healing benefits of the Wand.

Nancy Lovell

"It never ceases to amaze me the power that energy brings into this world"

When I first received my wand, I felt the need to wand everyone and everything around me...to include my two bullmastiff's Bishop & Nakita. Nakita would just look at me in wonderment, wondering what exactly I was doing to her, while her counterpart Bishop would immediately lay down, roll over onto his back and allow the energy to do its thing. He loved it!

It never ceases to amaze me the power that energy brings into this world and helps make it a better place.

Thank you.

Kelly Mauzy,
Sanford, NC, USA

"Changed our beloved pet from a sore and loving pet to a frisky, romping, loving pet"

I bought my wand near the end of 2010. Aside from the nutritional benefits of regular use, I have been able to assist our family cat with his winter discomfort. He is now 14 and has been uncomfortable with the cold. Using my wand on his known areas of discomfort has changed our beloved pet from a sore and loving pet to a frisky, romping, loving pet. My family is amazed and are true believers in the wand.

Anne White.
Indianapolis, USA

"Saved a baby kitten"

My girlfriend breeds kittens and one night i was home alone, and one of her cats went in to labour. I have seen a delivery before so i new what to do. Every thing was going fine until the last kitten, it was not doing well. The other kittens were moving a lot and feeding wile the last one though it was breathing was still. I did not no what to do I tried calling some vets with no luck. So the only thing I knew I could do was give it love and energy. I worked with the wand on the kitten for about a half a hour, and the kitten started to respond. With- in the hour with a little more wand work, it was feeding and moving just as much as the others. It was fine from that moment on and grew up a very healthy kitten. I loved my wand before! Now i love it even more. Thank you free the wand.


"My horse’s pain was gone"

I have horses: I also have some physical reminders of a few of the "unscheduled dismounts" I've experienced over the years. My horse's chiropractor introduced me to the wand. Using his thermal imaging camera, he let me watch as he worked on my mare: we were both almost giddy with excitement as time after time we could see the hot spots fade to cool blue. The mare's body language confirmed what the camera had shown us: Her pain was gone! The disappointing news was how much the doc paid for his wand - not in my price range. It was my farrier who encouraged me to look on the Internet for your site. A wand I could afford! Well, now that I have one, my body's old aches and pains are managed, my horses are kept sound, even my old arthritic Border Collie enjoys his wand sessions. In fact, it really has been the animals that have totally convinced me. They can't use language to give themselves or others some impression. They just relax and ... get better!

Thank you!

Mary Hasbrooke
Caliofornia, USA                                                                                                             view-products.png

"Your wand is great!"

Your wand is great! After getting it in the mail I used it on my back and neck and noticed relief within about 3 minutes! I then used it on my roommate’s dog that had something wrong with her front leg. She had it lifted off the ground and not walking on it. She was not able to walk up or down our long flight of stairs and had to be carried. I wanded her leg and upper back area for about 5 minutes. After that she literally ran up the stairs and was using all four legs! Something she hadn't done since she injured it!

-Jason Blair
San Francisco
California, USA

A few Testimonials on our Pranic Balance Pendant

"No stiffness"

I have been blessed with a Pranic Balance pendant that keeps my back feeling young and strong. I am so impressed with it that I am now selling them. I get out of bed every morning with no stiffness. Amazing. Worth $200 to feel that good, every morning for the next 25 years.

(Excerpted from Tom’s blog about rebuilding his cabin in Alaska)

Tom Reed
Mendocino Coast
California, USA


The first couple of days of wearing the [Pranic Balance] pendant provided an increase sense of being grounded.

Leslye Smith

"No more Morphine!"

I have already noticed an uplifting effect from the 'Bliss' Pendant and that was within about 3 hours, I'm wearing both pendants with the wand clipped to my shirt. I've been able to get off the Morphine for my pain, I am so impressed and grateful.

Kenneth Tasa
Montreal Canada

"..relieved shoulder pain in about 20 min."

I did a wanding session for my husband, chakras, hands, feet, fingertips & toes then focused over his shoulders & it relieved his shoulder pain within about 15/20min.

Sydney, Australia

"Increased Energy the Second Day"

My name is Frank Francis and I bought a Pendant and Wand a few months ago and have been meaning to write you on my thoughts regarding these products.

With the Pendant which I have been wearing ever since, I noticed an increase in energy the second day.

It was sufficient to convince me of the Pendant's viability to the point where I intend to keep wearing it, it's like a Rolls Royce compared to the one I had used before.

Frank Francis
San Jose, Costa Rica

"The pendent is working great!"

I have a feeling of clarity and calmness, also pains in certain areas in my body from working hard at the job, have calmed down, 75% less pain. My body is readjusting to better health.

Many thanks.
Jane Neuman
Kamloops, Canada

"Peace = Power"

Hello Amrita,

I am feeling more balance with your Infinity Pranic Balance Pendant and that is so beautiful, grounded and peace = power.

Annie Lindquist
Vancouver Canada

"bye bye" to sciatica

After scouring the net for information and reading good and bad reports regarding the different wands available on the market I chose "Freethewand" as my place of purchase, due mainly I would say to all the comments people have sent to you.

I like to think of myself as a "rational logical" human being with an open mind. Whilst we would all like to believe our pains can be "sent packing", it is actually hard to believe that something like this will actually work wonders for you. I took that step, made the purchase and felt the results !!

I have said "bye bye" to sciatica and many other aches and pains. Sleep with it under your pillow and you will have the deepest sleep you will have had in a long time. You really need to give this a go! I am glad I did.

I am so looking forward to receiving the pendant I ordered.

Julie Harrison ,
Campbellfield, Australia


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