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Auric FAQ’s


Who are we?

Auric Energy Healing Solutions is a small ethically driven supplier of Premium Quality Energy Healing Tools.

The key differences between Auric and all the other internet vendors are that we:

      1. Sell only products using Auricfield Infusion™ Process.
      2. Auricfield Infusion™ Process is the ONLY Wand infusion technology based in the USA.
      3. All of our products are custom made and are not available in the supermarket style online vendors.
      4. We do not offer products that are mass produced in China and sold by other companies.
      5. We are based in Vancouver, Canada


Where are our Wands Made?

Our wands are the ONLY Wands infused in the USA! This technology is EXCLUSIVE to Auricfield Infusion™ and ensures the best quality available.

Only Auric and Amega own their own technology.

Our technically specified hydro- thermal quartz crystals in the Infinity wand are sourced in Thailand and our metal shells are produced in China.


What is the Auricfield Infusion™ Process?

The Auricfield Infusion™ employs unique technology to generate, store, and infuse subtle energy, or 'chi' into our products. Our technology has the ability to record and store the energy patterns of anything - remember everything is energy! Each of our products infused energy patterns are carefully selected and tested to deliver the most effective and beneficial combinations designed for their specific purpose.


What is the difference between the Infinity Wand and the Freedom Wand?

The Infinity Wand is one of two Premium Wands available on the market today; the other is the Amega Black Tip (selling for $350).

Both use thermo quartz crystals, Amega calls that Diamond Dust to make it sound more expensive and exotic. Additionally, the Infinity wand has a confidential formulation of minerals to provide higher retention of the healing energy.

The Infinity Wand is double infused with the Auricfield Infusion™ process which guarantees it’s superior performance.


      • Double Infused
      • Infinity logo on top end
      • Serial numbered
      • Unique engraved body design.
      • Distinctly unique from any other wand on the market.

The Freedom Wand employs a custom blend of crystals and minerals in order to provide ample energy retention. It is single infused and is comparable to all other non Amega Wands on the market including the Iyashi Wand.

We test and serial number each wand for quality assurance purposes. The Freedom wand compares to other products priced as high as $170!

We make it available in order that those who cannot afford the Infinity wand can purchase an affordable product with confidence in it’s authenticity from a reliable supplier.


How does the Infinity Wand compare with the Amega Wand Black Tip?

Our customers speak for us so check out our testimonials and read comments like ‘I like your wand better than Amega’s’ and ‘For me there is no other choice’. At half the price of the Amega Black Tip there is no other choice!

The Infinity Wand is equal to the Amega Black Tip at half the price. PLUS it carries a 45 day money back guarantee. Compare to Amega at 30 days!


Why are you so much cheaper than the Amega Wand?

The answer is VERY simple; Auric Energy Healing Solutions is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing Company. Approximately 45% of an MLM's price is paid out in sales commissions.

We do not pay commissions. Auric sells Internet direct in order to keep costs low and prices affordable.


Why do you only wholesale to healers?

Our belief is that healers can introduce this incredible new form of healing technology to their clients with integrity, honesty and will provide the best advice on how to use the wands to their greatest advantage.

Secondly we wish to avoid these products being mis-represented by individuals with only a profit motive in mind.

Thirdly, we want to support healing practitioners by giving them a unique opportunity to be the sole distributors of our products!


How long does the wand last for?

The wand does not run out of energy, nor does it need an external source of power. Best estimates put the lifespan between 30 and a 100 years.


How does the Infinity Wand heal?

The Infinity Wand does not heal. Your body does the healing. The Infinity Wand contains information in the form of subtle energy, which downloads itself into your body's energy fields, sending instructions on where the body should be best directing its energies. The time needed for such harmonization varies from one person to the next and from one condition to the next. The more chronic the condition the likelihood is it will take longer to heal.


Do you provide a guarantee that my condition will improve?

Human beings are all different, and will therefore have very divergent responses to the wands, (and Pendants) even given the same disease state.

One person with chronic knee or back pain [for example] may have instantaneous relief from exposure to the wand, whilst another person with similar symptoms may enjoy only slight relief.

This is because each person is an energy complex, and within those bio-fields there are numerous unseen and un-measurable "blocks" to incoming energy. Some people have more blocks, some less.

The wand does not come with a guarantee to "diagnose or cure any illness".

Your intentions used in conjunction with the wand will make it more powerful.


How effective is the Wand at alleviating pain?

Some people will respond immediately, and positively, to the treatment of both acute [muscular injury] and chronic pain [such as arthritis]. The pain may be reduced from a high level [8-10], to a low level [2-3] within a few hours. For others, the reduction in pain may be less obvious, and may take longer. The affect of the treatment is cumulative, and users may need to use the wand over several days, or weeks, or even months to achieve total relief.


Can I wand too often?

The simple answer is NO. We suggest, however, that you begin slowly and regularly. You may feel profound effects right away or it may take some time. Don't give up as regular use is more effective than sporadic use.

Many customers have reported great results when clipping the wand to their clothes all day or sleeping with it under their pillows at night.


Are there any side effects?

No contra-indications whatsoever have been associated with the use of the Wand.

Under certain individual circumstances, treatment may elicit what is known as a Herxheimer reaction ["healing crisis"]. This is where the body is stimulated to release toxins and expel them through various channels. It is a natural and integral part of the harmonization process which is necessary to restore full health.

If a healing crisis occurs, this is exemplified by the pain in the treated location increasing dramatically, stop wanding for several days and allow the location to stabilize. Once the pain has decreased begin to wand again.

Secondly when you begin wanding again employ the flicking technique this can often remove negative energy from the location. However maintain a lower intensity/frequency of use to ensure the crisis does not re-occur.


Does environment and intention matter in healing with the wand?

Yes, it does.

Because the wand helps the body heal at the energetic level, it is sensitive to, and interfaces with your intention and belief. The space and environment one creates to heal is tremendously important on this journey. If one is truly committed to healing, and allows the wand to work its energy with full conviction, the results are astounding.

The wand works even without the power of intention, because it has its own energy patterns embedded inside. However, with the power of intention, the results are magnified exponentially. We have reports that the Infinity wand far out performs the Amega wand when equal intention is employed.


Does it contain a battery?

No. It also requires no maintenance.


Is there an on/off switch?

No. The Infinity Wand emits energy consistently and permanently.


Do I need to re-charge or cleanse the wand?

It is recommended to cleanse your wand regularly of potential negative energy it may accumulate through use.

Two simple means of cleansing are to hold the wand under cool running water for a few minutes, or place it in direct sunlight. For maximum cleansing place it on an amethyst bed for a few hours.


45 Day Money Back Guarantee on the Infinity Wand

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer the BEST GUARANTEE AVAILABLE on the market for our Infinity Wands.

The guarantee is simple. You have 45 days from the day you receive your wand to try it and ensure it meets your expectations. If for any reason you are not satisfied simply contact us via e-mail, and we will provide you instructions on how to return your purchase. No questions, no hitches, no fine print. You are responsible for shipping charges.

The Infinity Wand 45 day guarantee is 15 days MORE than any other Wand Manufacturer. All other Auric products feature the industry standard 30 day money back guarantee.

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