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Infinity Pendants


We regard our Infinity Pendants as - ‘Intelligent’ Pendants; meaning, they are able to work with your unique bio-energy field and help tune it into balance.

All Our Pendants are Auricfield Infused

Pendant, Wand or Both?

          Here’s a way to look at the healing state. Electrical current passes easily through high-grade wire because the metal from which the wire is fashioned has few impurities. By contrast, electricity passes through low-grade wire with more difficulty because the metal from which low-grade wire is created has many impurities. A clean energy body in the healing state is like high-grade wire; prana flows through it smoothly. A dirty energy body is like low-grade wire; prana can’t flow through it very well because it’s full of impurities, or energetic congestion. As prana tries to move through a dirty aura, it clogs up even more, leading to greater energetic imbalances and eventually health problems.

Master Stephen Cho - Pranic healer


Wearing a Pendant, in conjunction with wand use, will speed the recovery process by balancing the body’s overall energetic system and clearing blockages. With a cleaner energy body, the wand can do it's magic.  

  • Where Pain Relief is not an issue, Pendants are highly effective on their own.

How to choose your Pendant?

  • For anyone who suffers from issues such as stress anxiety, depression, or similar psychological issues: choose Bliss.
  • For all others, Pranic Balance is the appropriate choice.


  • Do you have low energy?
  • Need a boost?
  • Off-center and need grounding?

The Infinity Pranic Balance pendant is infused with 34 energy patterns specifically chosen to enhance the body’s natural ability to develop structural strength and physical balance and creates a powerful inner core, like the trunk of a tree.

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Pranic Balance delivers increased energy and endurance.

Additional benefits:

  • Improves clarity and increases awareness
  • Clears negative energy buildup
  • Faster brain to muscle communication
  • Increased flexibility
  • Harmonize Energy Fields

Pranic Balance connects the upper energy centers with the lower energy centers of the body, by providing the proper energetic communication between the organs of the body.

So many people in this hectic world “live in their heads,” constantly thinking, they become energetically overloaded in the upper part of their body. This causes an energetic disconnection from the rest of the body causing difficulties with digestion, elimination and the lower back as well as many other problems.

Infinity Pendants work independently and in a complimentary fashion with our Wands. When used in conjunction with Wand treatments the pendants will act to balance your over all energy system faster as the wand simultaneously clears blockages.


Do you know anyone who is...

  • Anxious?
  • Stressed?
  • Depressed?

The Infinity Bliss Pendant is infused with 37 energy patterns specifically formulated to improve your mood. Energies such as: Healing Love, Forgiveness, Tranquility, Zen, Oxytocin, Zinkite, Inner Peace and more.


Bliss supports emotional balance in times of stress by balancing the Sympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System. It works well for anxiety and worries and is also useful for depression, tension and anger. Balancing the energy flow, the Bliss pendant helps soothe frayed nerves and ragged emotions.

The Bliss Pendant can be instrumental in raising emotional issues to the surface, making it easier to deal with them once they are revealed.

Bliss rejuvenates, and helps to maintain positive emotions and moods by supporting and stabilizing the nervous system.

Additional benefits:

  • Gives you a better night’s sleep.
  • Assists in finding compassion and patience
  • Increased sense of optimism in overcoming emotional blocks
  • Assists in breaking ties to negative relationships
  • Serenity and self confidence
  • Emotional stability & balance even in cases of deep seated trauma
  • An overall sense of well being, optimism and physical lightness.

Details for Infinity Pendants:
Weight: 0.8 oz. (24g) Diameter: 1.5” (4cm)
Chain length is 19.5 inches - 50 cm.
Price: $189/ea.

You can wear the pendant anywhere.





Unisex EMF Radiation Protection Pendants

Now you can wear an attractive piece of jewelry and be protected from EMF radiation throughout the day. In particular, if you use a cell phone frequently, make your calls with confidence in being protected from the EMF that cell phones radiate.

Chosen specifically for their energy storage capability, these beautiful stone quartz pendants are infused with a unique set of energy patterns which research has shown alters the subatomic make up of EMF radiation..Due to quality control standards and supply chain restrictions, we are unable to provide customers with a choice of colour.

Size : aprox. 4 cm x 3 cm (1½ “ X 1 ¼”)
Weight 30 g. 1.1 oz.
Comes with a leather thong 48 cm. 19” with metal clasp

Tips and advice regarding our pendants:

  • Do not wear with a pacemaker.
  • During initial use, avoid sleeping with your Pranic balance pendant as it may disturb sleep patterns – wait two weeks for your body to harmonize.
  • Do not share pendants – because they harmonizes with your individual energetic blueprint they will not work effectively for another person.
  • Both pendants can be worn by one person – they are complimentary and do not interfere with each other’s energies.
  • Pendants are water resistant – and can be worn in the shower.
  • Pendants can be effectively worn in pant pockets (jeans watch pockets are great). Some of our customers even pin it to their brassieres.

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