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Infinity Wand

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Expected release date is 31st May 2021

Infinity Healing Wand    

Auric Energy Healing has released its NEW Infinity Energy Wand, which combines its successful pain relief patterns with a NEW Energetic Blueprint called "Genome", which has been successful at treating a wide variety of pain conditions. It is one of the strongest energetic blueprints known to date..

  • AuricInfusedField
  • Removes Energy Blockage in the Human Bio-field
  • Relieves Pain
  • Returns the body to Homeostasis
  • Energizes Food & Water
Comes with user guide.
45 day money back guarantee
Watch this video on how to use the Infinity Wand for Pain Relief.




Warranty Information

45 Day Money back Guarantee
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Product Reviews

  1. the best healing wands on the planet!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Oct 2015


    Michael Kanuika here!

    First I just want to say that you guys produce the best healing wands on the planet!!!

    I've been using your wand for many years back from free the wand days.

    I recently lost my wand and ordered another one about 3 weeks ago., I going through wand withdrawal....lol

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Much love,

  2. I am so glad that this kind of technology is available today…… 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2013

    My name is Dave Mason and I purchased an Infinity wand more than a year ago. I primarily used it to keep my chakras balanced and to work on pain if the need arose. I was extremely happy with the way the wand responded to me when I used it. Four and a half months ago I severely injured my back. I have been a Steamfitter for 34 years and am no stranger to injury and pain but this was something else entirely! I couldn’t get up off of the floor and so they had to give me morphine in the ambulance just to get to the hospital! An MRI scan concluded that I ruptured the disc between L-3 and L-4 vertebras. I also tore the disc Between L-4 and L-5 vertebras. The nerve L-3 was severely impinged and my left leg for the most part wouldn’t work. The muscles in my thigh and calf had a deep numbness as well as a deep throbbing ach at the same time. The skin on my calf burned like fire and couldn’t be touched even by a sheet. I spent the first two weeks flat on my back and used the wand as much as practical. After those two weeks I began walking with a cane and was seeing some improvement. At four weeks I could walk without a cane and was feeling a little strength returning. At five weeks the pain in my calf went away. It has been four and a half months now and I am pain free. The muscles in my thigh are numb, week, and atrophied, but I have no pain. I have used my infinity wand every day and believe that manipulating the energy around the injury site as well as the body as a whole helps with the healing process as well as with the experience of pain. I am so glad that this kind of technology is available today……. Dave Mason Dana Point California

  3. I agree with the testimonials that say "it's the only one for me". 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2013

    Hi Amrita:

    I just wanted to let you know that my Infinity wand is absolutely gorgeous, a work of art. I feel the energy so strongly and have used it in many healings on both people and pets. I have such respect for your company and how you operate, and I think the World of Dr. Kronn. Please forgive me being a little forward in saying this, but he is the spitting image of my dear Father whose family came from Russia. I showed my daughter the video you have posted on the website, and she exclaimed "O my goodness that's Grandad!". It was a little bitter-sweet as she has only seen photographs of him. I'm telling you this because I was so confused when I decided I wanted a wand by all the "Bla bla bla" on the internet; so I meditated on it, and was lead to you website, where I watched your delightful inventor being interviewed. :) I then immediately ordered my Inifity and I agree with the testimonials that say "it's the only one for me".

    Now I am about to order a second wand through your web site.

    So I hope you will pick me out a lovely companion for 11449 :) :)

    warmest regards

    Devra Robitaille Heichert
    Osprey Florida


  4. Dupuytren's Contracture 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Aug 2012

    From researching medical sites on the internet, I concluded I have Dupuytren's contracture. "Dupuytren's contracture progresses slowly and is usually painless. The disorder develops when the tissues under the skin of the palm thicken, forming knots (nodes) and cords of tissue."

    I've no medical insurance (and no, I'm not waiting for Obamacare to save the day), so figured I'd just live with it and hope it didn't get too bad. The lumps were slowly growing in size, to the extent that I was beginning to suffer a small amount of discomfort at times. Also, the area of the growth felt taut.

    After only four day of wanding the area, I was astounded to note that the bumps were about half the size they had been and the feeling of tautness gone. Hopefully, continued wanding will cause the stupid bumps to go away completely.

  5. My wife's Knee Pain is completely gone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2011

    I have been off valium since Nov. 14th, one day after I received the pendants and the wand. I am still experiencing dizziness and light-headedness, body aches and pains which can be alleviated using the wand. My wife who has been suffering knee pains is very pleased because after wanding on the them the day we received it the pain is gone and it has not come back since then. What a relief !!!. And I sleep better now with the bliss pendant on and the wand under my pillow. Thank you so much Donald and Amrita for these amazing and wonderful energy healing tools and God bless you !

    My wife is also experiencing the same positive results and thank you again.

  6. A wonderful little tool! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2011

    August 16,2011

    Dear Free the Wand ,

    I have recently purchased your wand and have had great results.
    I work in a day centre for the elderly. Some of the results I have had are:

    Relieving painful knees x 4. In 2 instances the result appears to be permanent.

    Relieving painful shoulders x3. In the acute case the result was permanent.

    Aiding pain and flexibility in arthritic hands.

    “Undoing a tight spring” in the crippled hand of a lady who had a stroke. Each treatment produces a longer effect.

    Removing tingling from hands and lower arms.

    And generally making people feel really relaxed

    With many thanks for this wonderful little tool.

    Francis Blackburn
    Oxfordshire England

    This was posted by the administrator from a testimonial received on the date noted above.

  7. Her pain is dramatically reduced 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2011


    On Saturday I met my Aunt Leila - who could barely walk and was in terrible pain with her knee -which is due for replacement on the 29th of September. I gave her the wand and said - stick it in your knee support and forget about it.

    She called this morning in tears and blessing me to heavens because her pain is dramatically reduced and also yesterday she went to the mall with her daughter, expecting to sit in one place while the others shopped as usual - but lo and behold - she walked comfortably along for a good two hours!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful and affordable little miracle.


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