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Healers Sales Tools

Instructions for down loads and Printing of sales materials

Auric EHS supplies sales aids for your convenience.

Down loads are in a PDF format and should not be altered. In most cases, we have included space for you to personalize this material with the relevant contact material regarding your practice. You can create a sticker with your:

  • Practice name
  • Web site
  • Contact information

Poster – download and print in colour and post in your waiting or treatment rooms.

Drug Free Pain Relief Poster

Selling/Fact Sheets - You can download these directly and print on 8.5” x 11” we recommend doing these in colour. These are designed to be double sided – so print one side, reverse the paper into your printer, and print the second side, for a two-sided sheet.

Auric Wands Selling/Fact Sheet
Infinity Pendants Selling/Fact Sheet

User Guides – all orders come witeh the corresponding number of user guides (and a few extra) however you may find it useful to have the ability to print some from time to time.

Infinity Wand User Guide

Wand & Pendant ‘Cards’ These are 3 ¾ “ x 8 5/8” full colour, double sided cards. Consequently, it’s best if a printer reproduces them.

Wand & Pendant Double Side Brochure

Pet Pendant fact sheets

Affiliate Banners

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