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What is Healers Direct?

Healers Direct is designed to offer Healers preferred pricing on our products.

We believe Healers, in whichever modality they practice, can provide honest and ethical representation for our products. Further, we believe that their commitment to healing should be supported by suppliers.

We offer qualified Healers two ways to participate and profit.

1 - Healers Direct

         Offers preferred pricing on wholesale orders.

    • Introductory Sample Pricing –risk free!
    • Wholesale pricing on 5 or more items.
    • Product Support
    • Telephone access 6 days a week.
    • We provide you with all the necessary tools to Share the Energy including:
    • Download:
      • Brochures
      • User guides
      • Fact sheets
      • Poster
      • Banners for your web site or Facebook page

2 - Healers Affiliate Program:

        Join our affiliates program and earn up to 20% by simply adding a link to you web site, Facebook page or E-mails.

  • Preferred Sample Pricing
  • No selling involved
  • No sign up or Membership fee
  • We provide you with all the necessary tools
  • No Risk – no inventory.
  • Support
  • Telephone access 6 days a week.world-wide-shipping.jpg
    • Downloads:
    • Brochures
    • User guides
    • Fact sheets
    • Posters
    • Banners for your web site or Facebook page
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To join Healers Direct follow these steps

Step 1 -  Create an account

Step 2 -  Sign up for Healers Direct -just tell us a little about your practice, qualifications like Reki etc.

Step 3 - We will review your application and send you a confirmation within 48 hours.

Step 4 - If you wish to become an Healer Affiliate sign up AFTER you receive your confirmation.

Step 4 - After confirmation go to HEALERS LOG IN and sign in.

It’s That Simple!  No costs and no fees.

Start HERE  signup-now.png by first CREATING an ACCOUNT.


Meet BUD HAVEN!  Author of "The ART of WANDING"



    Bud, at one time, was an Amega Dealer who discovered the Infinity Wand and now uses it exclusively in his Wanding Clinic.  That's right a Wanding Clinic, 10 hours a day 5 days a week Bud wands clients curing issues like Palsy (facial paralysis) Crohn's disease, and significantly reducing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis!  

  Realizing the potential of Energy Healing Tools Bud began to study and research how they may be used most effectively.  This resulted in 'The Art of Wanding' which details specific locations to employ the Infinity Wand to access the bodies Energy Meridians.  By employing the Infinity Wand at locations related to specific conditions the Energy Infused into the wand rapidly and directly accesses the bodies energy field.  This direct access speeds healing and dramtically improves reults.

  " The Infinity Wand is equal to, or possibly even superior to, the Amega Wand.  I have used both in my practice and when I compare the exceptional value offered by the AURIC Infinity Wand- I now only reccomend the Infinity Wand to my clients.

In dealing with Auric Energy Healing I have found them to not only be honest and dependable as a company I also believe their heart is in the right place.  They are committed to improving the quality of energy healing tools and providing a premium quality product at an affordable price.  I reccommend them to anyone considering purchasing one of their Energy Healing Tools"     BUD HAVEN, Arkansas, USA



An unsolicited testimonial sent to us by Alistair McLoughlin of North Yorkshire, England.

We have since discovered that Alistair was the Founding Chairman of the Bowen Association of the UK

"For me there is no other choice."

If anyone is in doubt about the efficiency of this company - doubt no longer.

I ordered the Wand on December 14th. It was shipped on December 15th and arrived in the UK on December 21st. Now that's great service in my book!

Does the wand work? I just used it on some painful knuckle joints of mine for about 5 minutes - and now they feel like they have just been oiled! No pain and a nice, smooth feeling to the joints. I used it on my wife's painful foot. After 5 minutes - no pain. These are just the first tentative steps at using the Wand.

There's a lot of blurb on the internet about 'fake' wands and wand comparisons - "don't buy theirs, buy mine" sort of thing. But there are, I believe, some very important questions to consider before purchasing:

  1. Does much of what you pay for your product end up in the pockets of your MLM up-line?
  2. Does the company you purchase from offer discounts for healthcare professionals so they can use the products for their patients/clients?
  3. Does the company you purchase from offer a reliable and efficient service?
  4. Does the company you purchase from donate some of their revenue directly to charitable causes.
  5. Does the company you purchase from pay fair wages to the people who make the product?
  6. Does the company you purchase from focus upon building a down-line business and bonus payments instead of the healing of our fellow humans?
  7. Does the product work?

Be assured Auric Energy Healing is an efficient company that focuses on health - not wealth - and has ethical values at it's core.

For me there is no other choice.

Alastair McLoughlin –North Yorkshire – UK
Founding Chairman Bowen Assoc, of the UK

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For more feedback from fellow Healers, please go to our Healers Testimonials page.

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