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Healers Testimonials


"I like your wand much better than Amega"

As a Reiki master and energy professional, I was very interested in zero point energy and tried your wand first, because the lower cost would allow me to check it out.I loved it, experienced having the knees of a 10-year old myself (after years of knee stiffness and pain), and helped people with everything from fibromyalgia to chronic neck pain, with great results. My bunions even have softened. Anyway, I then purchased the higher priced wand (Amega), thinking it would be even better, because of the higher price. However, no matter how I tried, It did not live up to your results.

In my experience and that of others, I used it with; the result was just not as good. It's not as strong; it doesn't take away pain like your wand. I even had someone return one of the "other" wands to me! So, I am very surprised, but my experience can't be denied.

I will continue to order and share your wand, not the competitions. I can help three people for the price of one and most importantly, it works! I have been having good results with migraine headaches, too, with the wand stopping them before they get started.

Thank you for your great, affordable product. And I hope you expand to pendants soon, too.

Lian Sawires    'Reiki Master'
Bensalem, PA, United States

 "I reccomend AURIC to anyone considering purchasing one of their poducts"

 " The Infinity Wand is equal to, or possibly even superior to, the Amega Wand.  I have used both in my practice and when I compare the exceptional value offered by the AURIC Infinity Wand- I now only reccomend the Infinity Wand to my patients.

In dealing with Auric Energy Healing I have found them to not only be honest and dependable as a company I believe their heart is in the right place.  They are committed to improving the quality of energy healing tools and providing a premium quality product at an affordable price.  I reccomend them to anyone considering purchasing one of their poducts"    


BUD HAVEN  Author of "The Art of Wanding"

"Great work!"

I am continuing to have amazing success with the wands. I am using the wands for clearing physical holds and stuck states in the body, and also in the energy field. Distance work and close up work, both work amazingly well. I used to ‘tap’ on the head to move stuck states in the head, but now just track the wand over the head to make these shifts.

Great work.
Thanks so much.


Audrey Cook, Clinical Counselor
Vancouver, Canada

"Your company delivered everything it said it would."

I feel energy very much & the first time I used my wand on my chakras - I felt that familiar rocking and relaxation release of resistance that comes from accessing the quantum spaces - love the product & have been recommending it to everyone.

I plan to purchase a pendant sometime in the future.    Thank you for a great product that is affordable.     Your company delivered everything it said it would.

Raquel Cobb MA. Ed. - Spiritual Teacher
Pembroke Pines   Florida USA                                                                                               view-products.png

Probably the most amazing testimonial we have received.

I started learning healing practices approximately 22 years ago. I used bio-energy, Reiki Prana and some other energetic therapies. Many other healers started sending their patients to me for harmonizing their chakras and auras. In most cases I could reach spectacular results.

Once surfing on the Internet, I came across with the Infiniti Wand. I liked the way how the chakras were treated and thought of giving it a try ever since I got it, I’ve been using it for the opening of chakras and healing injured parts of the patients.

I experienced that I needn’t let through me so much energy, as earlier, and the patients get much stronger this way.

A healer brought a case to me, which I’ve already written about in a previous letter. A 70-year-old woman had been paralyzed on the left side of her face for 12 years, she couldn’t even open her left eye. There is a chip planted in her chest, because the pain in her head was unbearable and this way she could manage it by the help of a remote control (we assume Istvan means some sort of drip pain relief system). The machine was tuned to a pain scale of 10 levels. Meaning severe pain at 10, and the mildest at 1.

On the very first treatment I harmonized her aura, and intensified the functioning of the chakras using the wand. Then I dispelled the intensified energy around her head and body and continued to move the wand round and round her head and left eye. Then I saw the eye closing a bit.

On the second treatment I used the wand again, doing the circular motion around her head and left eye for 30 minutes. After this I compressed the energy into the territory of her face and brain, then using Reiki energy I treated the whole head of the patient. When I finished treating the lady, I asked her to move her face, and to her surprise she was able to do so, what’s more she could completely close her eye, even though she needed great power.

On the third treatment, I used the same methods, and she was easily able to move the muscles of her face and open and close her left eye, without having to force it.

Thanks to the treatments, the severe pain in her head completely disappeared. The woman and her husband burst into tears, and their faith got stronger for this type of healing, and so now she knows again what life means without that horrible pain.

I was sent another patient with similar problems - 35-year-old woman, paralyzed left side of her face. Earlier, she had been treated 4 times in hospital and twice by acupuncture, but her face didn’t move.

I used the methods I have written above, clearing and intensifying the auras with the wand and using circular motion round her face and head. At first, she only felt a buzz on her face, but when the night came she could move her face.

The woman was skeptical, but such ability of moving her face convinced her of coming again next time.

On the second treatment I treated her with the wand for 30-35 minutes, such as the other woman, and continued with laying on of hands. When finishing the treatment her face showed a 90% improvement.

I told her to go on an acupuncture treatment, which she did, it hurt her very much and was not useful, so she did not go again.

On the third treatment I used the wand again and Reiki. By the end she felt a 100% improvement and could move the muscles of her face in any direction. Then she went back to the hospital to show her face to her doctor, who diagnosed it completely healthy.

I would also like to say thank you for the Pendant, it has been a great help every day of the week.

Yours faithfully,world-wide-shipping.jpg

István Csekk


"Your wand was equal to the Amega Wand… This is the highest endorsement I can offer."

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, a Lymphadema Therapist, a Zero Balancer, a Lymph Therapist, a Shamanic Healer, and a teacher. I have had a private practice in New York City since the 70s, specializing in alternative bodywork.

When I compared your wand to the Amega Global product (which I used in my practice for over a year) I concluded that your wand was equal to/interchangeable with the Amega Wand (AMWand).

This is the highest endorsement I can offer especially when I remember that your wand costs less than half what the Amega Wand (AMWand) does.

I am so happy to be able to offer your wands to my clientele at a reasonable price.

Cynthia Crisp, LMT
New York,  USA

“No stiffness”

I have been blessed with a Pranic Balance pendant that keeps my back feeling young and strong. I am so impressed with it that I am now selling them. I get out of bed every morning with no stiffness. Amazing. Worth $200 to feel that good every morning for the next 25 years.


Tom Reed Hypnotherapist
Mendocino Coast
California, USA
Many thanks for the whole ethos of your company

As you know Rosemarie has breast cancer in an advanced stage so the pain levels can be quite high, particularly at night. I am delighted to tell you that when the wand is used over the breast area the pain lessens considerably and allows her to sleep. I have used it on a calcus formation on my wrist where I broke it and this has diminished by over 50%. Please send the pendant as soon as available.

Many thanks not only for the Wand but the whole ethos of your company.


Dr. Gwynne Davies. 

Clinical Ecologist and Author
Devon, England
http://www.gwynnedavies.com                                                     view-products.png


"It instantly started to move stuck energy in my aura and I could feel chakras in my palms and feet turn."

           It works on the etheric level/energy body.

          1. It instantly started to move stuck energy in my aura and I could feel chakras in my palms and feet turn. I was aware of an energy block in my aura and I felt instant pressure over there.
          2. I think the wand works similar to acupressure/acupuncture. It has a meridian clearing action.
          3. My guess is that the design of the wand (size and shape) plus the metal is suited to working in the etheric layer.
          4. Holding in the palm (it would work under the feet too) was enough if chakras are open--however, most people dont have open palm chakras and they may need to wave it around the whole body etc to find an opening to draw out stuck energy. It is important to drink water, because stuck energy in the energy layer comes out through the physical body's wastes.

Saima Shah,
Yoga Therapist and Teacher
Vital Energy Yoga and Meditation

"..it has stopped the pain in my knee and shoulder."

I am so happy with my purchase of the Wand.....it has stopped the pain in my knee and shoulder. I have used it on cats and dogs for all sorts of ailments, they love the feeling and it certainly has made them better.

I have used it with my clients, I will ask them to hold it for a few minutes after I have wanded their aura/energy field....usually a memory comes up for them, but without the pain. It has been a great tool in my practice for when they are in level, as they move through painful memories in the subconscious very quickly, and as a result become more grounded and happier when a session is finished!

Gillian Needs, Hypnotherapist,
Saltspring Island Canada

"What amazing service!"

Thank you so much, I am really impressed with this level of service, I really am, it is rare to see and it will take you, and your company, far.

Once again, thank you sincerely.

Kind regards,world-wide-shipping.jpg

Mark Karlsson
Founder - Merlin Trinity Healing Systems
Hua Hin Thailand


"Pain Free"

I am a Tai Chi for arthritis Instructor. One of the women in my class would have to sit down and take breaks during the one hour class because she had pain in her right shoulder that limited her range of motion.

One day before class I used the wand on her shoulder for about 8 minutes. She stayed with the class for the whole hour. I asked her afterwards how the pain was. She said, "What pain?" I used the wand again on her before she left. Two days later, at the next class she was still pain free.

One of my clients has MS. Some days she is unable to move the right half of her body. She came to me for Reflexology on one of those days. As I performed her treatment I asked her husband to rotate the wand on her right leg and hip. She was able to get up after the session and move the entire right side of her body. Her color had improved and her mental clarity was better.


Angela Sidlo
Reflexologist Usui Reiki Master Teacher Certified Holistic Aroma therapist
NSP Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor
Astoria, Oregon, USA

"It's far out... I have not worked on one person where there has not been some change."

I have been using the Wands on many people and am finding results from absolutely amazing to not so amazing…. Since I have had the wands I have probably worked on 25 people…..I have not worked on one person where there has not been some change.

When doing purely energy work, if you use both hands – one with the wand and the other hand on [the] body –your own field acts as a circuit for the energy –its far out……..

Robin Lee


I use the wand in a variety of ways:  I always use it on my own body to clear my hands & chakras after a days work. 

I use the wand on clients by doing their chakras at the start of a treatment & if there is a problem area I wand it after I have done a treatment –

1. to assist what I have already done &

2. To relieve any soreness that might have been created while working on the area. 

Wanding the chakras at the beginning of a treatment helps the chi to flow more effectively & therefore really improves the overall treatment (more healing for your money's worth!!). 

I find the wand an invaluable tool for self healing & also to assist me in the short time I have with a client.  I also encourage my clients to purchase one so that they are able to work on themselves at home to get the most effective results in the quickest time.  I have one client who has had rheumatoid (arthritis) for several years & has been working with a number of different modalities.  She was able to walk short distances with a cane when we first started treatment (about 2 years ago).  She is now back to painting, singing, playing the piano etc. with a lot more energy & enthusiasm.  Though their is still improvement to be made, her treatment & then the addition of the wand has definitely changed her life.

Liz Moldenhauer DNA Alchemy
Yungaburra, Queensland, Australia

"My clients seem to feel a greater sense of peace when I use this wand."

Hi Donald

I call myself a Spiritual Energy Healer. I am clairaudient and use this gift to read peoples energy for emotional and spiritual blockages. I spend 80% of the time clearing the energy blockages away. I use a lazer crystal or my hands to sweep through the chakras and aura of the person to remove negative energy.

After, I channel Divine healing energy to rebalance the chakras. This is where I have found this wand to be useful. It seems to quickly add new energy to the chakra, much more so than my laser crystal. I also find that while energizing one chakra, it seems that the other chakras follow suit and become energized, balanced and stronger. Saving me lots of time.

My clients seem to feel a greater sense of peace when I use this wand.

Best to you.

Donna Plantholt
Spiritual Energy Healer
Seattle Washington USA                                                                                                             view-products.png


I can’t even BEGIN to tell you the difference between purchasing from Amega and you folks.

You are FAR AND AWAY superior. Thank you!!!!

Toni Rather
Big Canoe,
Georgia USA

"For me there is no other choice."

If anyone is in doubt about the efficiency of this company - doubt no longer.

I ordered the Freedom Wand on December 14th. It was shipped on December 15th and arrived in the UK on December 21st. Now that's great service in my book!

Does the wand work? I just used it on some painful knuckle joints of mine for about 5 minutes - and now they feel like they've just been oiled! No pain and a nice, smooth feeling to the joints. I used it on my wife's painful foot. After 5 minutes - no pain. These are just the first tentative steps at using the Wand.

There's a lot of blurb on the internet about 'fake' wands and wand comparisons - "don't buy theirs, buy mine" sort of thing. But there are, I believe, some very important questions to consider before purchasing:

  1. Does much of what you pay for your product end up in the pockets of your (MLM) up-line?
  2. Does the company you purchase from offer discounts for healthcare professionals so they can use the products for their patients/clients?
  3. Does the company you purchase from offer a reliable and efficient service?
  4. Does the company you purchase from donate some of their revenue directly to charitable causes -e.g. Charity Water?
  5. Does the company you purchase from pay fair wages to the people who make the product?
  6. Does the company you purchase from focus upon building a down-line business and bonus payments instead of the healing of our fellow humans?
  7. Does the product work?

Be assured Auric Energy Healing Solutions(formerly FREE THE WAND) is an efficient company that focuses on health - not wealth - and has ethical values at it's core.

For me there is no other choice.

Alastair McLoughlin –
North Yorkshire – UK
Founding Chairman
Bowen Association of UK

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