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“…… then all the atoms and subatomic particles making up the human body are also a kind of frozen energy. This means people can be considered complex bundles of frozen energy! Since all energy vibrates and oscillates at different rates, then, at least at the atomic level, the human body is really composed of different kinds of vibrating energy. The term “vibrational medicine” comes from this fact…” Richard Gerber M.D.

A concise description of Energy Healing

A human being is an open system of energy that lives in an energy environment, which is constantly shifting and moving. A healthy body thrives in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy.

Energy Healing encourages the body to draw upon its natural healing ability by opening up the flow of energy, clearing blockages and detoxifying itself.

The human energy field sets the foundation for the physical body. If the energy field goes wrong, this will eventually affect the physical body. Disease and ill heath manifest themselves first in our energy field before showing up on our physical bodies.

Many factors in our environment affect our energy body. Generally, a healthy individual can deal with these. However, when many of these assail us at once, or a few over extended periods, the free flow of energy begins to degenerate and blockages develop.

For example the food we eat, stress from work or relationships, the quality of our air and water, continual exposure to EMF radiation, can all combine to negatively affect our energy system.

When faced with too many of these difficulties in our life, we can hold this unresolved energy in our bodies, instead of letting it go.

This unresolved energy creates blockages in our energy field which then depletes our vitality and can lead to ill-health and suffering. Blockages and imbalances in the energy body often manifest themselves as physical ailments, sleep disorders, or emotional issues.

Energy Healing exists in many forms. The development of Auric’s Energy Infused products allows the untrained person to benefit from Energy Medicine, at any time, repeatedly for a very REASONABLE price.

Auric Energy Healing tools, in the hands of trained practitioners, can extend their abilities several fold.

To gain a more complete understanding of Energy Medicine we have excepted segments from A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber M.D.. This is an excellent introduction to the theory of Energy Medicine, written in 2000 by a medical doctor; copies are available at Amazon.com.

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A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine
By Richard Gerber, M.D.

When you begin to delve into the realm of Energy or Vibrational Medicine, as it was originally called, you continually come across the work of Dr. Richard Gerber. There is a good reason for this. Dr. Gerber provides one of the best resources to gain an understanding of the field in a simple and readable form. We include excerpts of his book here.

What is Vibrational Medicine?
Pages 5-7

For many people, the term “vibrational medicine” will be unfamiliar. The word “vibrational” conjures up an image of something vibrating or making sound. Sound waves are the most familiar form of vibration people think about when they use the term “vibrational”. But sound waves are actually just one form of vibrating energy. Light is another form of vibration or oscillating energy. They are two examples of the many types of energy that makes up the so-called electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes radio waves, television broadcasts, X Rays, cosmic rays, ultrasonic waves, and microwaves. Modern physics tells us that the only difference between these forms of energy is that each oscillates at a different frequency or rate of vibration. Hence, vibrational medicine refers to an evolving viewpoint of health and illness that takes into account all the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy that contribute to the “multi-dimensional” human energy system.

The most basic such form is the matter that composes the physical body. According to the new perspective of Einsteinian and quantum physics, the bio-chemical molecules that make up the physical body are actually a form of vibrating energy. During the early part of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein came to the startling conclusion that matter and energy were actually inter-convertible and interchangeable. His famous E=mc2 mathematically described how matter and energy were interrelated. Einstein said matter and energy were, in fact, two different forms of the same thing. At the time Einstein came up with this conclusion, few scientists could entirely understand its magnitude. But it was this very realization of matter's inconvertibility into energy that led to the development of the first atomic bomb, in which a few grams of uranium were converted directly into energy, proving Einstein’s theory in a more unforgettable demonstration. With the example of the atomic bomb, most scientists came to believe in Einstein's assertion that matter and energy were two expressions of the same thing. In a variety of experiments in particle physics, in which scientists hurl speeding subatomic particles at targets in atom smashers to study the tiny fragments making up the structure of matter, additional evidence has been gathered confirming that all matter is really a form of frozen energy.

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