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Specific Conditions our customers have Resolved!

Infinity Wands

Our policy is not to make unsubstantiated claims.

Here you will read real benefits the Infinity Wand has delivered. We encourage you to share your stories in order that others with similar issues will learn how to use and benefit from our energy healing tools.

(In Alphabetical Order)



Angela Sidlo, in Oregon, a certified Tai Chi Instructor for arthritis sufferers, tells us that she treated one of her students before and after a class and two days later the lady was still pain free.

Liz Moldenhauer in Australia has treated a lady with rheumatoid arthritis for two years who previously required a cane to walk short distances. Two years later and with the addition of the wand to supplement other treatments the lady is now back to painting, piano playing and generally enjoying life!

 Back and Neck pain 

Wayne Zanardelli, in Bethel Park Pennsylvania, suffered chronic neck pain and nerve issues in his right arm and had tried everything from Chiropractic to pain killers with little success. Wayne didn’t believe in the wand to begin with but thought he’d give it a try and after three days of wanding was convinced as his tingling had stopped and the neck pain was reduced by half! [Wayne says, “It shouldn’t work – but it does”!]

Teah King tells us that her chronic lower back pain she suffered from for years is now all gone, and she does not even use the wand every day now.

Dropped foot Syndrome

Frank Cox’s wife in Dorchester England suffered from drop foot syndrome, which made walking and balancing very difficult for her. Frank reports that regular use of the wand had spectacular results and that his wife is now able to drive and is walking with new confidence.

[Ed’s note] “Drop foot is not a disease but more a symptom of an underlying problem (could be neurological, muscular or anatomical problem.” - From foot-care.org

Facial Paralysis                                                                                 view-products.png                                                                    become-an-affiliate.png

Possibly the most astonishing report we have received is from István Csekk in Hungary. István is a healer who has been practicing for more than 20 years and employs a variety of techniques. A fellow healer referred a 70-year-old lady who had suffered from partial facial paralysis for 12 years. Due to the ailment the lady had not been able to completely close her eyes during this time.

After two treatments using his own powers combined with those of the wand the ladies paralysis vanished, along with the pain scale eight headaches she had suffered for years. As Istvan said “so now she knows again what life means without that horrible pain.”

We encourage you to read Istvan’s full testimonial, which is available in our Healer’s Testimonials Section containing a second resolution of facial paralysis. It is quite astonishing.


Lian Sawires in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and Audrey Cook in Vancouver have both reported resolving the pain associated with Fibromyalgia, by using the wand.

Frozen Shoulder

One of the most common problems in older men, and one that passive use of the wand can rapidly affect. Simply clipping the wand to the back of your shirt for several hours can rapidly reduce pain and improve range of movement. It worked for one of our partners, didn’t cure the problem but regular use every three months, or so keeps him playing golf.






   Carole Sanchez of Alicante, Spain suffered from severe headaches that would last for days. Now she “zaps” them when they start, 'nipping them in the bud', and has     reduced her suffering significantly. Another customer who suffered from severe headaches got very creative and bought a hat she could clip two wands to. She found that by     clipping wands to the hat and wearing the hat for several hours the pain was relieved!

   Joshy Charan of Vancouver had been plagued with daily headaches that would keep her up at night and be there when she woke up in the morning. A wand under her     pillow every night has made morning headaches a thing of the past. She sleeps better and has more energy for looking after her two young girls.

High blood Pressure

Brian Maxfield, of Hertfordshire UK’s wife suffers from High blood pressure. One night she complained that the back of her hand was aching and Brian could see the veins standing out. He wanded her hand and arm and after 2 to 3 passes could see the veins visibly shrink “in front of our eyes”.

Hip Pain

Ross Martin, of White Rock, Canada, has had an amazing turnaround with his hip pain, which had been getting progressively worse and was headed toward hip replacement. Ross reports that he is now going up and down stairs virtually pain free.


Multiple Sclerosis - symptoms

Mark Jones, of Detroit Michigan, has suffered from MS for 32 years, and described his pain as a 12, on a scale from 1 to 10. Three months after using the wand Mark called and told us that his pain level is now rated as only a 2!

We encourage you to read Marks complete testimonial, not only to discover what the wand has done for him but also to hear his joy and relief. Discover some of the many ways Mark has developed to give him pain relief. Who would think of wanding toothpaste – Mark does!

Marks story is one of the most amazing and gratifying we have encountered, and truly makes our efforts worthwhile.

Angela Sidlo, mentioned above, also had success with an MS sufferer. Angela combined Reiki and the wand together, resulting in a significantly improved range of motion, and mental alacrity for the patient.

Parkinson’s disease

Rachel Cobb, one of our healers from Florida, mother suffers from Parkinson’s disease and had considerable stiffness throughout her body, particularly in her arms. She experienced pain even when she attempted to lift a glass of water.

Rachel reports that after only one treatment with the Infinity wand her mother’s worst shoulder was far more flexible and without pain.



  Julie Harrison, of Campbellfield, Australia, told us that the Infinity wand eliminated the pain from sciatica.

  Rose Harle, of Ummendorf, Germany, reports that she has a client who suffered from Sciatica, and that after only one treatment the condition had improved significantly.



Shingles (herpes zoster)

Mariah Hunter of Victoria, Canada tells us that she suffers from shingles and reports that at the earliest symptoms she wears her pendant to bed and points her wand at the location of the expected outbreak. The following morning, to her delight, she had one small blister rather than the usual severely painful outbreak and that within two days the spot was gone!

[Ed’s note -Shingles is a form of Herpes virus that can affect large swaths of the body –with extremely painful consequences]

Sleep improvement

We have many customers who have written to thank us for the tip of sleeping with the wand under, or inside, their pillow. They frequently say they have never slept so well and feel more refreshed than ever the following morning. Sleeping with the wand clipped to pajamas can also take away some of that morning stiffness so many of us suffer as age marches on.

Tooth Ache!

Julia Fertherston in New Zealand had a deep filling placed in her tooth, which the dentist warned her would take a while to settle down. One night a month later the aching in the tooth woke her; so she grabbed her wand and wanded her tooth. She’s not sure what happened but she woke up in the morning with the wand in bed with her! She continued to wand the tooth for a few days and the pain disappeared for good.

Pets too!

Jason Blair of San Francisco is one of several people who have told us about wanding their pets! Jason bought a wand for himself and then tried it on his roommate’s dog that had a bad leg; 5 minutes later the dog was running up the stairs again. Check our resources section for Animal chakra points.

Kelly Mauzy, from Sanford, North Carolina, USA, wrote to tell us that her two bullmastiffs, Bishop and Nakita, enjoy being wanded. Bishop apparently loves getting wanded as every time he lies down rolls over on his back and allows the energy to flow into him.

M.A. Hasbrook in Lafayette California tells us that her horse’s chiropractor (who would have guessed?) introduced her to the wand when he showed her thermal imaging of the horses ‘hot spots’ fading away when using the wand.

Disclaimer (the legal stuff!)

These stories have been submitted by customers and have not been vetted for authenticity. Auric Energy Healing Solutions Inc. (Auric EHSI) does not dispense medical advice. Auric EHSI does not recommend the use of any product or technique as a replacement or substitute for medical treatment for physical, medical or psychological conditions without the advice of a physician. Auric does not claim to diagnose or cure any ailments physical or psychological. The intent of Auric EHSI is to offer in¬formation of a general nature to help your quest for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this website for yourself or others, the company assumes no responsibility and specifically denies any and all liability.


Infinity Pendants

Pranic Balance


Tom Reed of California, reports that the Pranic Balance Pendant is keeping his 50+ year old back “young and strong” as he rebuilds his cabin in Alaska. Tom says he “gets out of bed every morning with no stiffness – amazing”

Increased Energy

Frank Francis of San Jose, Costa Rica noticed an increase in energy on the second day of wearing his Pranic Balance Pendant.


Leslye Smith of California felt more grounded with the first few days of wearing the Pranic Balance Pendant

Clarity and calmness

Jane Neuman, of Kamloops Canada, reports feeling improved clarity and a sense of calmness, AND a significant reduction of pain, since starting to wear Pranic Balance Pendant.



Rod Lake-Daltreyin Kent, England tells us that the Bliss pendant “takes away the 'rough edges' of the mind and emotions and brings a sense of calm and softness. It allows calmer thought patterns; it helps to lift 'dark clouds' of the mind. It gives a sense of 'not being alone' as if a warm loving energy is with me. I miss it when I take it off. Altogether a lovely pendant”

Optimism & Joy

Daljit Banga from Hong Kong told us “It took a few weeks of wearing Bliss for me to fully acknowledge its impact. However I am now convinced the improvement in my mood and outlook on life is attributable to this wonderful pendant. - I feel much less depressed and more positive in my attitude. It has certainly helped me a lot.”

Mary Huige from Barra, Scotland, had the following story: “After several weeks of wearing the Bliss Pendant I was feeling much, much better. I then took it off for several days due to a minor surgery. My mood almost immediately returned to its previous ‘glass half empty’ worldview. I am very pleased to tell you that almost as soon as I began wearing Bliss again, my glass is now always half full and the brighter side of life is much more enjoyable!

Stylish Design

Ishabel Robertson in New Westminster Canada wrote to tell us that beyond all of its positive effects she has had more compliments on the appearance of the unique design than any other piece of jewelry she owns.

Addiction Free

Ken Tasa of Montreal Canada had been on 120 mg. of Morphine per day for neck pain suffered in a auto accident 5 years ago. Ken tried the Amega Wand and it reduced his morphine use to every 4 hours. After using our wand and both pendants he is now free from the chains of morphine.

Editors note to readers – As you can tell, we get many amazing stories about how our products have helped people regain their lives. Ken’s summary is one of several truly amazing stories we have received. PLEASE NOTE we do not suggest, in any way, that our products will offer the same results for everyone.
Ken has called us many times to advise us of his ongoing success and has ordered several more Energy Healing Tools for friends and family and we are grateful to him for sharing his wonderful and uplifting story.

As the Bliss pendant is brand new these are the testimonials we have received in several weeks of its beta testing.

EMF Protection Pyramid

“I just had to tell you guys that when I put that big black pyramid in my office where I spend my whole day in front of my computer –I felt like I had gotten an energy boost!” I don’t tire out early in the afternoon anymore!—thanks.”

Titu (Big Buddha) Mehderita,
One of our beta testers

Read our testimonials page for the full list of people’s experiences with a plethora of issues! If you have used the wand and have enjoyed the benefits, please email us at stories@AuricEnergyHealing.com so we can share it here and inspire others to take charge of their own healing journeys!

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