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  • Combo Pak 2 EMF Large

Combo Pak 2 Large EMF

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Combo Pack - 2 Black EMF Transformers, 4" X 1.5"

Safe – Easy to Use – Fits any computer, router, or appliance…

Tested in Certified Laboratories 4" X 1.5" Rectangle

Peace of mind for you and your family.


Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emitted by electronics and electrical systems are chaotic in comparison to naturally occurring EMFs. The disorganized EMFs distort organic energy and weaken all living matter. Auric EMF Products restructure and harmonize negative EMFs into coherent waves that easily attune with our energy field.




In the human body, energy naturally flows in the same direction of all living matter. Excessive amounts of EMFs reverse this flow to the opposite direction.   The result of this shift puts stress on all living organisms and interferes with the body’s ability to function, stay centered and calm. Auric EMF Products shift this energy to an organized and structured form, restoring balance and strength in the body. The human body's electrical system strives to resonate with Earth's vibration of 7.83 Hz, a frequency named the Schumann Resonance. . However in today's technological environment, we are being bombarded and overwhelmed with more frequencies than the nature of our bodies are designed to receive. Countless modern conveniences, such as cell/cordless phones, cell phone towers, radio stations, computers, WiFi, florescent lighting, etc, constantly emit EMFs. Wearing or using Auric EMF Products allows us to counteract these chaotic frequencies, resulting in a natural grounding effect and stabilized energy field.




In recent studies it has been shown that energetic pollution from electromagnetic frequencies may have a cumulative negative effect, both in general terms and in particular situations such as with the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices.


Preliminary studies show that the EMF Shield Button diminishes electromagnetic waves in the cell phone range by 3-5 times. Many people report that the usual heating effect experienced with prolonged cell phone use is completely absent or barely noticeable.


People sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies report a significant improvement in how they feel about the effects of cell phone "energy" on their bodies and minds.


The energetic pattern infused in the EMF Shield also helps the body to compensate for the effects of energetic distortion brought to the brain and body by modulated EMF signals from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical appliances.




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