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The Healing Love Energy radiates soft warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind.

By opening blockages and allowing the energy to flow, it helps soothe frayed nerves and ragged emotions. Healing Love supports emotional balance in times of stress.

It can be instrumental in bringing emotional issues to the surface and making it easier to deal with them once they are raised.

It clears the mind and inspires an overall sense of wellbeing, optimism, and physical lightness. The luminous Healing Love Energy will warm your heart and awaken your creativity.

The Inner Peace Energy connects to and strengthens your inner radiance, helping you reflect out to your world the essential luminous, loving being that you are.

Working with this Energy helps you maintain the serenity and self-confidence important for breaking ties that bind you to events and relationships that have a negative impact on your life. Finding compassion and patience within can be the key to transforming your life, freeing you to release and heal the pain caused by psychological and physical trauma.

E-1 Stress Relief

Ionic Trace Minerals


These Ionic trace minerals formulas are processed with Subtle Energy Patterns of "stress relief" and "tranquility" using an advanced proprietary technology developed exclusively for Subtle Energy Solutions.

E-1 is Yin Subtle Energy Pattern that helps relieve stress, anxiety, emotional tension, anger and depression. It adjusts your emotions to a balanced level. It removes blockages from the liver meridian, and helps improve the sleep process. It is good for an open and grounded meditation, particularly when you are in an excited state. This pattern has a calming effect. E-1 is excellent for hormonal imbalances, insomnia, hyper or hypo conditions. Greatly reduces athletic recovery time, and is valuable for trauma treatment. Perfect for calming pets, too!





Ten drops of E-1 in a glass of water, relieves anxiety or agitation in minutes, relaxes tension, helps you sleep well, even for people who have sleeping problems. E-1 has a profound effect on the central nervous system, especially as it relates to physical stress on the nervous system induced by chronic or acute conditions. It also supports the relaxation response, and has an observable effect in improving sleep, reducing anxiety and hyperactivity, as well as a decrease in pain." --Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Jeff Marrongelle: E-1 is going to be more of a stress relief. We have found that the stress relief works on a number of levels. Let's just take emotional stress--the stress of just daily living--it works for that; but it also works for physical trauma, like a car accident or a slip-fall. There are two components for any type of physical trauma: there is the actual physical event, and then there's the emotion associated with it. And the stress-release product, E-1, helps with both of those. In the past we might have used just an Arnica-based extract or something else that's anti-inflammatory; and I always combined it with St. John's Wort or Valerian Hops to deal with the emotional component of trauma also. Well, now, E-1 covers all that in one shot, whether it's just a stressful day or something deeper like the loss of a family member or day-to-day stress, E-1 is going to help you deal with these on all the levels.

I have never been a morning person–-used to get up at the crack of nine or ten. Since I've been using E-1, I've been getting up at 6:30-7:00 in the morning, and I stay up till one or two. And furthermore, I used to take something for my adrenals, and something for this and something for that. You know I’m a health practitioner and I'm running myself ragged. It's a busy lifestyle, and I was stressed out! Good stress! But stress is stress, and good or bad, it still has the same physiological response: it requires adrenal energy and blood pressure changes, cortisol releases, and so forth. So when I started using the SES formulas, all of a sudden I was sleeping better, sounder, getting up earlier, feeling more refreshed. And that's what excited me because I had been doing a lot of things for myself for years. I was totally impressed by my own response to the product. You sleep better and handle the world better, come home and don’t have as much of a let down at the end of the day.

I consistently documented reduced resting heart rate, increased parasympathetic tone, reduced vascular constriction and improved energy responses. It is the most widely used subtle energy product in my office and it has broad application capabilities in any clinical practice.

Dr. Dan Davis:  The E-1 ionic trace minerals provide a profound re-setting of body energies at the cellular level. The E-1 helps to up-regulate the parasympathetic system. This helps to relieve some of the stresses on the pituitary. I use the Subtle Energies to get that cellular-level-DNA-mitochondric-energetic phenomenon going on, and then I use my nutriceuticals, whole foods and other remedies. Some of our toughest cases have come out of it and are moving forward.

Scott Moyer(President, American Association of Living Systems Information Practitioners, Santa Rosa, CA):
Nearly everyone tests for needing E-1 in my clinic. As a family, we also use it daily.

[The above is the express experience and opinion of these practitioners. Consult your health care practitioner for treatment of specific conditions]

Stress relief:

1) First component is a pattern that is produced by my generator. It was found experimentally, it does not fit to any Chinese or other systems. It calms very fast and balances Sympathetic part of Autonomic Nervous system. Works especially good for acute stress situations, for anxiety and worries, also is useful for depression, helps sleep better.

2) This component is energy of Zinkite, unique Zink compound formed during big mine fire. Supports and stabilizes nervous system.

 3) "Zen" energy, same as Zen meditative energy.

4) Energy pattern that helps brain to transfer Worries signals that appear in the back part of the brain to the Brain Front Lobe that is responsible for processing, analyzing  and finding solutions.

Dr Yury Kronn

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