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Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer

6.00 KGS
CAD135.0 (Fixed shipping cost)


Go to www.ayanavitality.com to read more or call 1-855-292-6493 for more information.  Use the promo Code AURICAYAN001 to save $500 off regular price*

The VITALITY’s sleek and modern design is a result of 25 years of industry prowess – it takes ordinary tap water, of any quality, and transforms it into Ayana Water: an alkaline, energized, healing elixir of life. The VITALITY surpasses the most sophisticated water ionizer on the market today with new revolutionary Active Ionic Disk Technology, 152 customizing options, an incredible limited lifetime warranty AND a NON-MLM business model.

  • Active Ionic Disc Technology (NO calcification, self-cleaning)
  • Non MLM Business Model (saving you over $2300)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Active Oxygen and Hydrogen
  • .05 Micron Filtration
  • Micro Adjustable pH2.5-pH11.5
  • Self-Adjusting Power System
  • -600 to +700mv ORP Range

The benefits of the Ayana Vitality

  • Hydr8 your body 4-6 times faster than conventional tap or bottle.
  • Intelligently energizes water to help the 75% water in your body run smoothly. 
  • Replaces 'beauty' products, healing the skin and anti-aging with NO chemicals increases the vitality of every organ in your body.
  • De-Hydration and Acidity are prime causes for dis-easee in the body. No More! Let Ayan Water detoxify, hydrate and alkalize your way to good health.
  • Increase Energy Levels. Say goodbye to daytime fatigue, and hello to renewed energy and zest for life!
  • Inceases Productivity. A 1% increase in hydration increases productivity by 30%- your work-mates will be begging for your secret while they linger on their coffee!
  • Protect your home and body from irresponsible toxic chemicals that harm the health of you and your family
  • Go Green In One Step. Save plastic bottles, Save hundreds of gallons of chemicals going into the oceans each year - Mother Earth and her Sea Denizens Thank You already

Chronic Fatigue

“I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with chronic fatigue a little over 2 years ago… Since drinking this water, my energy levels have improved daily, I even spent 6 hours on a shopping around the city spree a couple of weeks ago – that alone is a miracle in itself.”
– Sue Hastie, Victoria BC


“After just a month drinking this water, I noticed wrinkles on my face disappearing. It was like I was a grape that had turned into a raisin, and back into a grape again! I realized how my wrinkles were just prolonged dehydration of my body… never again!”
– Randy Jones

Weight loss

“After 8 weeks on the 9.5pH water, drinking 3-4 liters a day, I have lost 6 kilos and feel great!”
– John Curran, Melbourne

Product Videos

Ayan Water Varunizer pH Demonstration.mov (04:35)
This Demo is for the Ayan Varunizer-
  • Ayan Water Var...
    This Demo is for the Ayan Varunizer-
  • Anti Oxidant A...
    Ayan Water Vary
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Product Reviews

  1. Water Retention in Legs and Rash 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2012

    I am 78 years old and have started drinking just three glasses of high alkaline ionized water per day. I was prescribed 3 blood pressure pills (water pills) per day because of water retention in my legs and feet, which were always swollen. Just after one week of drinking this Living Water, I am no longer taking this medication, I have no swelling in my legs. I have more energy, sleep better and have lost 5 pounds in one week. I am looking forward to becoming even healthier. I have increased to 4 glasses per day and will continue to drink this healing nectar that has changed my life.

    I have had a skin rash, itching, redness and infections in the fold of my belly where I had an operation 15 years ago. I have tried medication, salves, corn starch and even tried cotton cloth to try and stop the itching, redness and frequent infections. I started spraying my entire body with the acid water twice daily, morning and evening, and sprayed the fold line every time I used the washroom. To my amazement, there was instant relief and just after 5 days, 15 years of suffering was over, no redness, itching or irritation. Imagine my surprise, wonder and excitement to finally feel great. My hair and entire body feels softer, smoother and healthier. To think the simplicity of acid water healed me where many medications failed. Thank you for my Water Ionizer.

  2. Allergies, Arthritis, Nasal Polyps, High Blood pressure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2012

    "I have suffered from horrible allergies resulting from nasal polyps‚ (So I was told), and had to be on steroids to reduce the inflammation and congestion. Within about a year after that I developed‚ high blood pressure‚ as a result of the steroids, so I was told and as you can imagine I had to have one drug to fix one thing then another for a problem for that etc

    Talk about great marketing if you are a drug manufacturer!!

    Bottom Line!! I have virtually no more allergies, and what I mean by that is I can BREATHE!! Without the medication!! (No waking up in the morning hacking and spiting phlegm). My blood pressure is NORMAL!!

    I forgot to mention my diagnosis of Chronic Arthritis‚ last year in my lower back in which I became a fan of pain killers‚ (try running a business in that constant state) 99% GONE!!"

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