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Affiliate FAQ


What is an Affiliate Program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (that's you!) drives traffic to a merchant's web site (that's us!) in exchange for a referral fee. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get a referral fee on every item they buy!

We have partnered with iDevAffiliate to provide Auric Affiliates with tracking, reporting, prompt monthly payments, and the flexibility of being an affiliate for other iDevAffiliateShop merchants.

Once you sign-up and are accepted for our program, you will receive an “approval email” with details on how to log in to your very own Affiliate Account! You will then be able to login at any time to get our banners and links, find out about referral fees earned and even learn about how many impressions each of your links has received. We will also email you a helpful guide for navigating through your Affiliate Account – but, it’s easy enough without it!


Does it cost anything to participate?

No! This program has no cost and no risk! Once you set up your Affiliate Account and start linking from your website to ours, you can sit back and earn referral fees as your customers purchase from our site.

If you do not have a website, then you might have to be more active in sharing our unique “Affiliate Link” with your friends and customers. You can do this by email, Facebook or Twitter!


Who can participate?

Almost anyone! Whether you are a customer, a Healer or have a website containing information and products that are related to our industry, you are welcome to apply to join the program. All applications are manually reviewed, and we reserve the right to refuse any application, especially if the site contains objectionable (or unrelated) material.


Who is AffiliateShop and why is Auric using their service?

Auric Energy Healing Solutions has partnered with iDevAffiliate, a third-party Affiliate Network to administer our Affiliates Program. After you have signed up for our program, you Affiliate Account will be hosted by the iDevAffiliate Shop, which provides access to trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly referral fee payouts. To learn more about the iDevAffiliate Shop, visit their Website.


What if I don’t have a Website?

No Problem! The Auric Affiliate Program has a unique feature that allows you to drive traffic to our site without having your own website! When you sign-up to become an Auric Affiliate, you will be provided with a unique “Affiliate Link” that looks something like this: www.auricenergyhealing/123456. The 6-digit number at the end represents your unique Affiliate ID. You can then share this Affiliate Link with your customers or friends in any way you wish. (Some examples are email, Facebook and Twitter). When they click on the link, they will be directed to our website. When they buy a product, you will receive a referral fee!


What percentage can I earn as an Auric Affiliate?

You will earn 10% for all purchases by people you have referred to our site using any of the referral tools we have made available to you!


How do I get started?

Easy! If you have not already done so, please read our Affiliate Program Description. If you ready to go, here are three easy steps:

Step 1: Sign-up and we’ll send you an email confirming we’ve received your application

Step 2: We will review your application and send you an “Approval Email” within 1-2 business days containing set-up and account information

Step 3: Sign into your account and begin to “Share the Energy!”


How often will I get paid?

Your referral earnings will be paid out on the 1st of every month for the earnings in the previous 30 days. The only exception is if the amount owing is less than $50 in which case you will be paid on the 1st of the month after you have reached the minimum $50 threshold.


Do I need to have a PayPal Account?

Yes! PayPal is the simplest, safest and only method of payment we accept. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up here (link to PayPal sign-up). It only takes a few minutes!


Can I get paid by Check or Bank Transfer?

No. Due to the large number of diverse payouts every month to our Affiliates, we have chosen to streamline our payment process using PayPal to ensure that you get accurate and on time payments.


Will I be notified when I make sale?

Absolutely! Every time someone you have directed to our site purchases a product, we will send you an automatic Sale Notification email.


What if someone I refer purchases a product a few weeks later?

No problem! We maintain a 90-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 90 days (even if they did not directly link from your Affiliate Link or Website on the day they purchased).


What happens to my referral fee if the customer asks for a refund for your product?

We offer a 30 or 45 day money back guarantee to all our customers depending on the product purchased. We have found that this increases our customer’s willingness to buy our products, which is great for our Affiliates! However, in the event of a refund or chargeback by a customer referred through your unique "Affiliate Link" (including banners and text links from your website), we will deduct the corresponding referral fee amount from your pending earnings prior to the next payout date.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. By participating in the Auric Affiliate Program, you agree to our Affiliate Program Agreement. Please contact us if you have any questions about this Agreement.


How do you track referral sales?

Once your application has been accepted, you will be given a unique “Affiliate Link” as well as information to log into your new Affiliate Account where you will have access to banners and links to place on your website. Without getting technical, your “Affiliate Link” as well as all banners and links that you access from your Account are programmed with your Affiliate ID to ensure that traffic coming to our site from your referrals are properly tracked. We maintain a 90-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 90 days.


How do I track my sales?

Easy! Log in to your Affiliate Account where you can access all of your tracking tools. Also, every time someone who you have directed to our site buys a product, we’ll send you a Sale Notification email!


How do I log into my account?

Two ways! You can log into your account from the iDevAffiliate Shop using the link and login information provided in your “approval email” or from the Auric Website using the same login info. In both cases, you will be directed to the same Account.


What are Data feeds and how do they work?

A Data Feed is a feature that provides a dynamic display of Auric’s latest up-to-date product information on your website. As an Auric Affiliate, all you need to do is to copy the Data Feed code from your Affiliate Account and paste it onto your website. This will display information about a specific Auric product. However, the beauty of this feature is that if Auric changes the product or any information relating to it on our side, this will automatically update on your website! With Data Feeds, you are guaranteed to always be showing up-to-date product information on your site.


How do I place an Auric Banner or Data Feed on my site?

When you log into your Affiliate Account, on the main page you will see the options “View Your Banner Page” and “View Your Data Feed Page.” By clicking on any one of these options, you will be directed to a page that shows all of our Banner or Data Feed selections. First decide which one(s) you’d like to use. Then, simply copy the corresponding HTML code and paste it on to your website. It’s that simple!


How do I register my PayPal account information in my Affiliate Account?

 When you go to sign-up, please check the box next to Payment by Paypal and give us your paypal account name. If you don't have a Paypal account, click on the Paypal icon on the sign-up sheet and you will be directed to create an account.

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