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Acupressure and the Wand

Many of our practitioners have studied acupressure and recommend the use of the wand at the SPECIFIC acupressure point. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of the wand. This concept is completely consistent with Energy Medicine theory.

We recommend the Auric Energy Healing Condition Specific Wand Guide. This guide employs the ‘Haven Method’ developed by Bud Haven over years of clinical practice. Bud has detailed how and where to use the wand for Condition Specific relief of many chronic conditions and illnesses. The Guide is available in E-book down load and in hard copy in our product section.

We have also sourced an excellent online tool called POINTFINDER. A gentleman called Kevin T. Boyd developed this and he generously offers it free of charge to the world, for which we sincerely thank him. Stanford University Medical School hosts the site, however we are obliged to say they are not responsible for its content.

Instead of using pressure, as in “Acupressure’, use the end of the wand at the point indicated in point finder. Form small circles over the point you have selected with the wand, or after testing, use the infinity symbol, followed by a medium weighted touch directly on the point indicated.

The beauty of this site is that you can search the ailment you have and then click on it and the site will indicate several acupressure points to work on. It also has a very cool sound track of crashing waves, which you can turn on or off when you go to a specific acupressure point.

To find Point Finder go here: http://onlineartdirector.com/pointfinder/index.html#Directions
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